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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

13 Nations

I hope you have been enjoying Star*Drive Saturday. It's been fun summarizing each of the 13 human stellar nations and coming up with character hook and ideas for Rogue Space. In the coming saturdays I will be doing the major alien races and the parts they play in all of this. After that I'll do parts on Cybernetics and Psionics.

So let's review:
  • A brief history of Star*Drive - Short history lesson up to 2501, present day.
  • Austrin-Ontis Unlimited - Gun crazy corporate nation.
  • Borealis Republic - Philosophers, scientists, and high education.
  • Hatire Community - Monastic theocracy that fights against technology use and cybernetics.
  • Insight - A spin-off of VoidCorp that believes in the absolute freedom of information.
  • Nariac Domain - Communistic nation with prevalent cybernetics and hard workers.
  • Orion League - A democracy of independent worlds.
  • Orlamu Theocracy - A religious nation of physicists who worship drivespace and scientific theory.
  • Rigunmor Star Consortium - Merchant nation where wealth and trade is everything.
  • StarMech Collective - Builds the finest ships in the galaxy, and always holds the best parties.
  • Thuldan Empire - Highly patriotic and imperial nation of military conquerors.
  • Union of Sol - Preservers of humanities history, and diplomatic and trade center of the stellar ring.
  • VoidCorp -Rigid and cold corporate nation leading computer technology and interstellar communication.
  • The Galactic Concord - Results of the Second Galactic War, and is trying to hold it all together.
Which nation would your human character be from?


  1. These have been great, comprehensive, quite resourceful, and fun to read to boot. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the aliens next. Rock on.

    1. Thankyou Mik, that means a lot. I am glad i have readers. The Alien races will be fun, but it will be pretty much the same type of coverage i did for the Stellar Nations. I will include brief history, what its like playing one, stats, and benefits. Oh, and lots of pictures from the books.

  2. Very handy--thanks for the index, we've missed a few of these an it is an excellent series to be sure. Looking forward to the cybernetics stuff!

    1. Thankyou. The cybernetics stuff will be interesting as i will need to ask Christopher Brandon some things. He has his own rules on how cybernetics are handled in Rogue Space, and I have mine. I want to present both as options.

  3. More options is a good thing. One can always play one set of rules off of the other as a way to show how one civilization's tech compares to another stellar society or some alien culture...or just competing corporate interests...

    1. Exactly. That is a good way of looking at it.