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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jarom's Art Incomming

Jarom is off to college, and so like during his mission, he is sending me his art. I thought I would showcase some of my favorites today.

The Facility project pretty much needs its miniatures at this point. Again, Facility is a Wartech boardgame where everything is 3D printed. So I listed to him what all miniatures I need, and he provides me with the concept art for them. I will in turn try to create them in Tinkercad. These are meant to be low detailed and blocky, using a lot of basic shapes. That is because the 3D printer can only do so much resolution. They are also in poses that prevent any overhangs because of the nature of the printing. These are 2 Hezak minis. Can't wait to get started on them.
 Here are a few pieces he sent me for Cognitive Flux. You can tell he has a lot of fun experimenting with creating the steampunk look and feel for things.

This last one is for an adventure idea he had for Cognitive Flux. Basically an ancient giant harvesting vehicle awakens and becomes a danger to surrounding settlements.

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  1. Nice work! It is fun to see the sketches of these works-in-progress. That harvester looks cool.