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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The BONES Reaper Miniatures Draft Complete

I'm a little late bringing this out, but this is exciting news. I finalized our order with Reaper for the great BONES Kickstarter deal, and Rucht Lilalivat, Scott Szczypiorski, and I just finished our great Reaper Draft. After quite a grueling process and filling our email in-boxes we had successfully split up the pot between the 3 of us. So sometime next year I will be getting a huge box of beautiful miniatures and I will need to divvy out according to this image and send them off.
 The ones circled in Red are mine, the ones in Yellow are Rucht's, and Blue are Scott's.


  1. Glad you guys worked something out. I talked to Rucht last night but forgot to inquire about this. I'm curious about the process y'all used for your draft. Did you literally pick one fig at a time in turns?

    1. We started out by each picking 20 figs then comparing. That was too much. So we did a sliding scale of order and did rounds of picking 10 at a time. We just did this all via email, so we were spamming eachother's inboxes. It went civilly. No arguments or anger. It went really well.