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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Star*Drive Saturday: Rigunmor Star Consortium

Last week we covered the science worshiping Orlamu Theocracy, this week it is the:

If you believe that the noblest pursuit for anyone is life, liberty, and the pursuit of profit, then you might be a Rigunmor.
  • Population: 740 Billion Sentients
  • Founding Year: 2299
  • GW2 Alliance: Profit Confederation
  • Capital World: Bazaar
  • Dominant Faiths: Humanity Reformation
  • Notable Locations: Aleer (Inside Rigunmor boundaries. Homeworld to the Mechalus), Lison, Oberon System (Verge world, contains the Verge's largest source of Rhodium, a material necessary for stardrive travel. Just recently wrested free from Rigunmor control.)
The Rigunmore Star Consortium can trace its origins clear back to the mid 21st century of earth, even before the birth of stardrive. During an era of unprecedented prosperity brought on by the fusion reactor, earth's superpowers knit itself into a single economy. Trade for common and cheap goods crossed the globe. Independent traders flourished. In this the Rignunmor Consortium began as one of the many trading guilds at the time to compete with the countries and international corporations, and in turn increase their influence. Some of these business unions and cooperatives died when met with tougher resistance, but others evolved into corporations themselves. By the 22nd century, Rigunmor had not only survived, but developed into the largest economic affiliation of its kind. It had made its profits arranging the transfer of product and finance from one party to another. The psychology of convincing both seller and buyer that they had made a good deal came naturally to the Rigunmors. Then humanity leaped to the stars. This only further catalyzed Rigunmor success. They became a popular source of trade among early colonies and even established worlds of their own. In 2273 they discovered a system that had been fully explored by an alien species, the Mechalus. Without stardrive they had been limited to their own star system, but despite this, many Mechalus technologies rivaled that of humanities best. The Rigunmor deal with the Mechalus meant they would join the Star Consortium peacefully, but individual Mechalus were free to explore the rest of the galaxy at will. The Mechalus mastery over computers, cybertech, and the grid gave the Consortium a distinct advantage against VoidCorp during the Second Galactic War.

Within the Consortium, background, birth, and ethnic origin are unimportant. Those who rule are those with the most. Only the wealthiest command the respect of Rigunmors, and have the talents necessary to administer in the Consortium. Travel is also important. The ability to trade and transport goods are the source of many a Rigunmor's wealth stream. Although others may mock the motto "greed is best", the Rigunmors accept it as a philosophy of life. The only thing they claim that has remained constant throughout all of histories wars and times of peace is the human avarice. They deal with this mentality with a simple honesty. The veil of ignorance about human nature is removed, and they know in their hearts what everyone is after. Of course this honesty is not the approach that most operate their business on. Rigunmor way of life is subtle and manipulative. Often a Rigunmor victim will walk away happy and content, unaware he or she has been swindled. Thus have they gained the reputation as interstellar swindlers and con-artists. Ambitious young traders take to the starts to make their fortunes, wary of becoming poor, often desperate to make names for themselves, traveling far from home seeking a chance for riches.

Paraphrased from: David Eckleberry, and Richard Baker. Star*Drive Campaign Setting. Wizards of the Coast, Inc. P.O. Box 707 Renton, WA. 98057-0707: Wizards of the Coast / TSR, 1998.

Rogue Space Character Ideas
As many have observed, Rigunmors have a talent for making customers comfortable with even the most outrageous deals. As members of the wealthiest stellar nation, Rigunmors generally start off with more funds and assets than your average hero. A player may choose to be a Rigunmor for his/her race (human only) during character creation.They may start play with 1d6 x 1,000 starting out credits as apposed to the regular amount for beginning characters.

Interstellar Trader
Character Background: Trader
High Attributes: Acquiring and Empathy
Archetype: Rogue
You seek profit where you can get it. You have found that in areas like the Verge, independent trading is very much in need, as many small colonies aren't self sufficient enough to produce all the essentials. You know how to haggle down the seller, as well as overcharge the buyer, just enough to line your pockets without making your wares completely out of reach. But life out here has not always been so simple. Lawless pirates and thieves can present a challenge, but luckily your resourcefulness and quick witted attitude gets you through.

Expedition Patron
Character Background: Entrepreneur
High Attributes: Empathy and Acquiring
Archetype: Rogue
There is so much money to be made in the frontier of the Verge, and you are not sitting idly to let that slip by you. A scientist with hot ideas believes in something amazing out there, and needs someone to fund the trip in exchange for the fame of its discovery. You are merely in for the profit potential. You spent your life savings and a huge investment in a ship and crew to go out there and find it. You asked to accompany the rest on this adventure, and while some may not be as comfortable with the 'rich guy' on board, they may come to see how a man of your business savvy and etiquette can get them to places the rag-tag group could not otherwise go.

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