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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Star*Drive Saturday: Hatire Community

Last week I got the academic nation of the Borealis Republic. Continuing with the next stellar nation, today is the:


If your character is following a difficult path, one of pure religious devotion to a way of life without technology, then you are probably a Hatire.
  • Population: 457 Billion Sentients
  • Founding Year: 2271
  • GW2 Alliance: Expansion Pentad
  • Capital World: Haven
  • Dominant Faith: Hatire
  • Notable Locations: Grith, Corrivale System (Verge world - currently home to a large population of free Sesheyan), Alaundril, Tendril System (Verge world - home to a monastic retreat), and various other small missionary temples throughout the Verge.
A society filled with contradictions. They are a theocratic nation that couldn't practice its faith without the stardrive, but the brethren deny the value of the technological advancements of mankind. To the brethren, the next step in humanities evolution will not be its technical toys or alterations, but be a spiritual leap of faith. In the late 23rd century, scientific advances forced radical societal change. The Hatire faith (started by Adam Hatire) attracted millions by aggressively marketing itself as a return to a spiritual way of life. Hopeful colonists left the Sol system and the brethren were among them, hoping to build a new society.

Colonies were established on dozens of systems, and the Hatire doctrines of a simple life of hard work and minimal technology were met with great success. Although they remained fervent in their faith, differences began to emerge from the varying lifestyles of the colonies. Then a discovery in the early 24th century transformed and unified Hatire society forever. Haven, a beautiful world, had yielded the intact ruins of a million year old civilization. After dozens of years of study, it revealed the inhabitants worshiped a noncorporeal being called the Cosimir, and a faith that strived for a purity of spirit. Finding it most inline with their own faith, the Hatire adopted the teachings of the Cosimir, and with this new revelation, it brought fervor to spread the Cosimir's word throughout space.

Hatire are seen by others as religious fanatics, and are famous for their distrust in technology. But they reserve their greatest hatred for technology that pollutes the spirit; turning away clones, Mechalus, and cybernetic gearheads away from the border. The most important aspect of Hatire faith is spreading the word of the Cosimir to unbelievers. Either by aggressive proselyting, or being a shining example of the joys that enlightenment brings. Accused of racism and feared as luddites, the Hatire follow a difficult, and often misunderstood path.

Paraphrased from: David Eckleberry, and Richard Baker. Star*Drive Campaign Setting. Wizards of the Coast, Inc. P.O. Box 707 Renton, WA. 98057-0707: Wizards of the Coast / TSR, 1998.

Rogue Space Character Ideas
Because of the devotion and passion that the Hatire learn to instill within themselves, Hatire heroes may call upon the power of their faith from time to time. Even the least devout can't quite shake their religious upbringing. A player may choose to be a Hatire for his/her race (human only) during character creation. At referee's discretion the character may declare he/she is calling on the power of faith and gain a +1 bonus to any one test once per game session.

The Mind Knight
Character Background: Agent
High Attributes: Empathy and Fighting
Archetype: Mindwalker (Special) or Warrior
The Mind Knights of the Second Galactic War gave the community the reputation of militarism and converting humanity by the sword, a reputation that is mostly deserved. Something can be said about the Hatires goal of spiritual purity with the fearful discipline of the Mind Knights. Powerful psionics who use nothing but mental abilities to provide their offense and defense. They are now highly sought after to be bodyguards and advisers to whoever pays the price, and meets their high moral standards. While most mindwalkers stand out just for their talents, Hatire Mind Knights stand out above all others. When the brotherhood needed an edge during the war, these warriors filled the role better than anyone could have expected.

Heretical Outcast
Character Background: Any
High Attributes: Any
Archetype: Any
You loved your faith as much as the next loyal Hatire, but you yearned for something else. The community doesn't take well toward its members that readily welcome and use technology. Only during times of great need, such as the war or expansion, are Hatires given special dispensations called technology indulgences. But you seek out devices and knowledge unsanctioned. Perhaps out of a misunderstood necessity, or a driving curiosity. Regardless, you have been outcast for your heresies, but you may still long for the community, for your home.

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