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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Star*Drive Saturday: Orion League

Last week it was the communistic nation of the Nariac Domain, now it is the:

Cultural diversity and tolerance is a source of pride for Orions, and they come from all different cultures and walks of life. If it is the same for you then you might be an Orion.
  • Population: 893 Billion Sentients
  • Founding Year: 2321
  • GW2 Alliance: FreeSpace Alliance
  • Capital World: Jaeger
  • Dominant Faith: Orlamism, Humanity Reformation, and Old Earth Faiths
  • Notable Locations: Bluefall, Aegis System (Verge world - independent government and paradise world, but strong ties remain with the Orion League)
In the first wave of expansion from the Sol system, hundreds of independent colonies migrated toward the constellation of Orion. Just about every single old Earth culture had a representation in the Orion colonies. By 2260, eighty six independent governments were functioning in Orion space. Then the first galactic war hit and changed everything. Some of these colonies were absorbed by the other stellar nations, but most combined to consolidate their forces. What remained were four centers of power: The Orion Nation, Nordic Independent States, Free Kyrene Society, and New Columbia. The war had been devastating for everyone, and they needed to rebuild. The four nations met in a conference on the Orion Nation capital planet, Jaeger. It was to iron out an agreement so they could live together peacefully. But during the delegations there had been raids on their border worlds by Austrin-Ontis and the Thuldan Empire. The four nations found they could unite to halt the enemy progress. With these successes, they outreached to other colonies and the four nation convention on Jaeger became a permanent forum.

The nations grew entangled until 2321 when Kathryn Brown, president of the Orion Nation, offerered to combine the four nations into a league and prepare for the coming war. After much politicking and debate, it eventually happened. Jaeger became the capital, and Brown elected president. Her first act was to commission a charter and a bill of rights. Freedom of speech, religion, press, and assembly for all sentients was declared throughout Orion space. Ethnic and species discrimination was denounced. The Orion League grew and aliens, especially Fraal, flocked to its banner. This alliance helped in surviving the Second Galactic War. With a brutal lock of the other nations' alliances, the heroism and sacrifice of Orions president, Warthen Hale, brought peace to the galaxy when he convened with the other major nations to create the Galactic Concord.

The nature of politics in Orion space today keeps power decentralized. Individual worlds and systems are free to conduct their own business and laws, as long as certain broad laws are followed. The chief functions of the league are to maintain peace between its member systems, guard against foreign aggression, and set fair trade practices. Each system elects representatives based on population and meet in the legislative house on Jaeger. Their capital planet is one of the few planets where visitors from foreign stellar nations and empires are welcome. This tolerance is a source of pride for the Orion peoples. Founded on freedom and equality for all, the Orions accept dissidents and refugees no matter what their origin. A prime example to this is their willingness to ally with Insight during GW2. While this leads to clashes with other nations, it contributes to the League's strength. The League made it's contributions of resources and personnel to the Galactic Concord willingly. Many Orions consider the Concord their own child.

It's impossible to categorize a typical Orion. From its' exploration centuries ago until today, tolerance and diversity have illuminated Orion space. However their own diversity can keep their society in a constant state of turmoil. Individual systems retain a great deal of autonomy. Other stellar nations often view the chaotic nature of politics in the League as a weakness to be exploited. In times of crisis they have been proven wrong, as the shared ideals of the nation pulls its disparate groups together. For the most part patriotism squashes outside attempts at fermenting dissent and chaos. Personal freedoms are taken for granted. Orions traveling outside the League are often astonished at both the interference and the subsidies that foreign governments inflict on their citizens: licenses, high taxes, economic support, and denial of basic rights. Checks on the free practice of speech or religion are practically unheard of within the league.

Paraphrased from: David Eckleberry, and Richard Baker. Star*Drive Campaign Setting. Wizards of the Coast, Inc. P.O. Box 707 Renton, WA. 98057-0707: Wizards of the Coast / TSR, 1998.
Rogue Space Character Ideas
With its emphasis on the need for civilized interpersonal and intercultural relations, the league has instilled its founders' values within its individual members. They have an easier time familiarizing themselves with different cultures. A player may choose to be an Orion for his/her race (human only) during character creation. They gain a +1 bonus to interaction and culture tests.

Due to the varying nature of the hundreds of different Orion worlds, it is hard to boil down how a typical Orion is, or what is a typical Orion career. They come from all walks of life and careers. Orions are sought after for all sorts of different professions throughout the Verge. If you have an idea what your character's homeworld is like, it probably exists in Orion space.

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