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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Star*Drive Saturday: Thuldan Empire

Last week it was the hedonistic StarMech Collective, this week it is the:

If you have extreme patriotism for your nation, and believe in humanity's manifest destiny united under the banner for a glorious future of mankind, then you might be a Thuldan.
  • Population: 1.1 Trillion Sentients
  • Founding Year: 2263
  • GW2 Alliance: Expansion Pentad
  • Capital World: Thuldan Prime
  • Dominant Faith: Hatire
  • Notable Locations: Filtrane Island, Bluefall, Aegis System (Verge location, shaping to be a beachhead for Thuldan power on the Verge capital world of Bluefall), Alitar, Algemron System (Verge world, Empire fighting a proxy war through their puppet state of Alitar)
At the era of humanities first expansion, Gregor Kent was one of the wealthiest men on Earth, having riches that eclipsed governments. He also had a vision of an independent empire and all of humanity united under one banner to survive the dangers of space. Rumors abound of what Kent did to force people under his will and take to deep space and forcibly cut the umbilical cord that is Earth support, but if the Empire's history has anything to show for it, aggressive expansion has likely been the theme from day one. The Empire's history is ripe with victory after victory. The First Galactic War could be attributed to their fierce independence and the reason to its end. Never has a Thuldan border needed to retreat in any case throughout even the Second Galactic War. It swallowed several weaker nations in the process of its expansion. At the height of its power, the Empire once controlled the areas of space now known as Concord Sagittarius and Concord Taurus. Even today the Empire is the strongest in resources, population, and military of all the stellar ring. The Second Galactic War had slowed to a crawl for the Empire's expansion and the decision of the emperor to answer the call for the treaty summit that would spawn the Concord was one of his hardest decisions to make. The Second Galactic War was the Empire's first battle "lacking a victory."

Even today many Thuldans persist that the Treaty of Concord is merely just a temporary ceasefire. The Empire prepares its citizens for the rigors of war as it always has. Every Thuldan citizen answers to the military, and all adult Thuldans hold military rank and are subject to military orders. Notions of imperialism central to the Empire's belief system meets stiff resistance from other stellar nations. While Thuldans remain interested in exploring new worlds, they are more interested in fulfilling Kent's Vision. Humanity must be unified. Holding to that their definition of humanity has widened. They see nothing wrong with genetic engineering, altering its citizens for missions ranging from assassination to terraforming. Their medical science is also the most advanced known. Their attitude to anything not working for the Vision is less than favorable, and their attitude towards aliens is less so. At best alien species are servants of human destiny. If they do not adapt and accept the Empire's vision of a unified human state controlling the galaxy, they will be eliminated.

Thuldans stride from world to world with pride and patriotism, and more than a bit of arrogance. They are self-confident as a matter of course. Many stellar nations choose to instill or depreciate the Empire's goals, but Thuldans understand that Envy is a common human trait. Thuldans go through their first 2 decades of life with strenuous physical training. Even preschool educators have the souls of drill sergeants. From an early age all Thuldans are taught the importance of a chain of command and the absolute need to follow orders from superior officers. Most youths dream of joining the Legions. Epic poems, art, and stories of conquest fill Thuldan society, and the Legionnaires are always shown in a halo of glory as befits Thuldan champions. However few realize the vision of becoming the elite Legionnaires, serving only a few years before mustering out. But this same military training ensure proficient and skilled Thuldan mercenaries serve in armies and navies throughout the galaxy. Thuldan strength stays focused on the goal of Kent's centuries old Vision. The galaxy will be united under the solid leadership of the glorious Thuldan Empire.

Paraphrased from: David Eckleberry, and Richard Baker. Star*Drive Campaign Setting. Wizards of the Coast, Inc. P.O. Box 707 Renton, WA. 98057-0707: Wizards of the Coast / TSR, 1998.

Rogue Space Character Ideas
Widespread genetic manipulation and centuries-long breeding programs have toughened the Thuldan physique. Moreover, the Thuldan drive for perfection has encouraged ambitious Thuldan physical education. These programs rival the depth and enthusiasm that other nations devote to "useless" academic pursuits. A player may choose to be a Thuldan for his/her race (human only) during character creation. They gain a +1 bonus to stamina and athletics tests.

Character Background: Mutant Soldier
High Attributes: Fighting and Acquiring
Archetype: Warrior
Bred as the perfect soldier, Warlions were an elite corps of engineered mutants who served as assault troops and commandos during GW2. A number still serve the Thuldan military, but others have mustered-out to build their own lives. They generally have the following advantageous mutations (listed here, in my Rogue Space Star*Drive supplement book [2] Weapons and Technology): redundant organ (2nd heart), improved attribute (fighting), and night vision. And the following mutation drawbacks: physical change (leonine facial features) and reduced attribute (scientific).

Character Background: Elite Soldier
High Attributes: Fighting and Acquiring
Archetype: Warrior
When one makes it into the Legions, they never leave. It is a call for life, and their reputation is as infamous inside the Empire as it is without. But you didn't make it all the way, or were forced to leave. Perhaps you failed a mental exam, received an injury that would prevent you from performing up to their extremely high standards, or you may be a rebellious soul, and didn't like the future you had in the Legions. Whatever the reason there is one thing you picked up from your time as a Legionnaire, and that is how to be an exceptional soldier. Few can rival your battle prowess and efficiency. Joining an expedition or trader ship into the verge makes you a valuable asset for defense and tactics.

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