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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Star*Drive Saturday: The Fraal

Kicking off the weekly segment on the 5 major Alien races, today it is the:
Male and Female

The graceful and wise race of psionics who come from a forgotten past, seeking a new home, and finding it among us here with humanity.
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Average Lifespan: 450 years
  • Average Height: 1.5m (5 ft)
  • Average Weight: 55 kg (120 lbs)
  • Current Population: 26 Billion, highest within the Orion League (28%).
Nomadic starfarers who came to earth 10,000 years ago. A large group of explorers traveling by slow moving colony ships, crossing the void of space over many centuries. The trip, however, was plagued by disaster after disaster, and by the time they reached our system they had lost contact with home. Damage to the ship computers resulted in loss of vital information like technical know-how and most historical records, like the location and details of the fraal homeworld. They set up base on earth and observed humans, who were primitive but showed great potential. Meetings lead to earth legends, like spirits or gods. The humans feared them. They reluctantly kept their distance in our star system and waited until we were ready. They eventually made contact in 2124, and soon an alliance and exchange of thoughts and ideas were made. Such exchanges lead to the invention of the stardrive. A technology that would not have been possible for either race alone. In general, fraal and humans are close friends. They have known each other and have been companions in the stars for almost 400 years.
Concord Administrator and Fraal
Fraal Matriarch
Fraal society is actually split between 2 major groups. The wanderers and the builders. A full third of the frall population live apart from humans. These wanderers are the older generations and prefer life on the colony ships and still search for home. They aren't very fond of humans, finding them reckless and brash. They keep with strict old fraal traditions, like a matriarchal society. Builders are the younger generations, and mingle with humans, taking up human causes and nationalities. They have adopted more equal rights views and abandoned many inflexible traditions. They believe life with humans are the future of their race, and their calling is to help guide them along the path of development and galactic life. In general, fraal adventurers are builders.

All fraal communicate with themselves via psionic link, but they have also mastered many languages to communicate with others. Powers of the mind have religious significance. They believe all species can share a common ground by touching thoughts and sharing their peace. They are pacifists and believe violence should only be a last resort. Many are foolish in thinking, however, that they will not fight back when pushed. Still, they demonstrate extreme patience, sometimes to the anger of other species. While many find fraal aloof or unemotional, the truth is they have a lot of powerful emotions. They just control them better. They are not physically inclined. They tend to prefer developing their minds instead of bodies. They have large eyes, pale luminous skin, and swept back years. Many are bald, but some have wisps of silver, white, or pale yellow hair. Even the young have an ancient wizened look, which can be intimidating and disconcerting to humans.

Rogue Space Character Ideas
A player may choose to be of the fraal race. He/she must follow the restriction below, but also gains the benefit below.
  • Restriction: Technician, Rogue, or Mindwalker(Special) only.
  • Benefit: All fraal are psykers, even if they don't have the +2 Empathy normally needed. They can have 1 additional psionic power at level 1.
Postcognition helps solve a crime.
Fraal Ambassador
Character Background: Diplomat
High Attributes: Empathy and Acquiring
Archetype: Rogue or Mindwalker(Special)
You have an uncanny ability to open contact with others, and be a representative of your group. Your empathic abilities give you an upper edge in negotiating and diplomacy. You are also the ship's counselor, keeping watch of the crew's mental health and well being. On more than one occasion you may find yourself at a crime scene, in which case your skills can help. Whether it be through interrogation or investigation, your powers become invaluable. Whatever it is you do exactly, fraal ambassadors and diplomats are always in high demand, especially in the Verge.

Fraal Xenobiologist
Character Background: Scientist
High Attributes: Scientific and Acquiring
Archetype: Technician
One thing that drives builder fraal is curiosity and the desire to learn. You have taken a unique interest in the science of life, and seek out new alien worlds, life, and ecologies. Your mind powers also make you a skilled first contact consul. In the event of meeting other sentient life, you can pick up how their minds work, and create a basic foundation of communication and understanding. On the ship your knowledge of biology can be put to use as a doctor, diagnosing mysterious ailments. You know there is much to be discovered in the young Verge, and so you venture forth in hopes to better understand the universe.

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