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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Star*Drive Saturday: Conventional Armor

Last week I finished up the entries on weapons. This week we get into:


Just as weapons improve over millenia, various types of armor emerge over time to protect the vulnerable hero from the deadly array of arms they might encounter. Armor isn't impervious, but it's better than nothing, and a complete suit can guard its wearer against all but the most well aimed blows.

Conventional is referred to as any of the basic non-powered armor. Some of it is meant to be easy to don and doesn't require any special training to use. They don't all offer full body protection, but give the wearer something to have without drawing too much attention. The Special line provides additional rules if any that apply while wearing the armor. Next week I will be getting into the much heavier armor.

Alien Armors
Most manufacturers make these armors for the common sizes and shapes for humans. Generally this means that fraal and mechalus don't have a hard time finding pieces that fit. The more exotic aliens, like t'sa and weren need theirs special made or special ordered. This generally increases the cost of the armor by about 25%. Same goes for sesheyan, but it is rare to find sesheyan wearing any armor at all.

Battle Vest
Cost: 220 cr
Protection: L
The vest uses strong ceramic alloy plates sandwiched in a weave of kevlar. It's meant to be pulled over anything worn and is very lightweight and cheap.

CF Longcoat/Shortcoat
Cost: 300 cr
Protection: M
Designed to resemble a well-made duster or jacket, the CF coat uses extensive weaves of resistant carbonate fibers to defeat slashing weapons and projectiles. The longcoat almost touches the ground, and it can pass for a duster or overcoat of some kind. The shortcoat comes down to the waist and can be worn as a simple jacket.

CF Softsuit
Cost: 500 cr
Protection: M
Special: Easily hidden underneath clothing.
Using the same materials of the CF coats, its woven tighter and thinner to make a body-tight undergarment that can be easily hidden under normal clothing.

Deflection Harness
Cost: 1,000 cr
Protection: --
Special: When active it grants the user a +1 to action checks vs. attacks, but only lasts 10 rounds before running out.
The deflection harness creates a powerful nondirectional gravitational field around the wearer. Physical objects are deflected away from the protected character, and even energy-based attacks may be bent enough to miss the user. The deflection harness is built in several different styles generally worn around the belt. Unfortunately due to its power usage it has a limited active time before the battery back needs replaced or recharged.

Ptokh K'se (T'sa Battle Vest)
Cost: 250 cr (the cost does not need to be increased for fitting a t'sa)
Protection: --
Special: When worn by a t'sa, it increases the t'sa's natural armor rating to M instead of L.
The t'sa version of a bulletproof vest or shortcoat. It consists of a dense weave of extruded alloy wire, woven into a heavy cloth and sandwiched between tough artificial weaves.

Bellweyn Sil (Fraal Longcoat)
Cost: 400 cr
Protection: M
A protective garment that embodies some of the elegance and aesthetics of the fraal species. It consists of a light arming of engineered molecular weave. Over this layers of stiffened molecular weave are fashioned into soft, overlapping bands that vaguely resemble ancient human armors. Richly adorned with embroidery and metallic finishes, the bellwyn sil is a spectacular garment suitable for many diplomatic or formal affairs. Fraal leaders, guards, and emissaries often wear this garment when dealing with less developed species. It just looks weird on anyone else though.

Riot Shield
Cost: 100 cr
Protection: --
Special: Grants a +1 to your armor roll when being attacked from the front while aware. Occupies at least 1 hand for use.
A lightweight full-body gripped shield that has a number of combat applications.

Particle Screen
Cost: 1,500 cr
Protection: --
Special: While active it degrades the attacks damage rating one step (V becomes M, M becomes L, etc.) before making an armor roll. Only lasts 10 rounds before running out.
Working differently than deflection harnesses, particle screens interpose a wall of subatomic matter contained within a magnetic field. Incoming attacks are scattered and absorbed by the particles, attenuating the attack. Like the deflection harness they have limited time of use before running out of power. Worn as a backpack unit.

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