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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adventures of a C.P.A. (Episode 1)

It was Flint's first day on the job at Nightfall LLC, and he had to do a lot more than just balance their books. Even though this is our first game, the rest of the group is assumed to have been working together for several months now.

It is new year's day 2012, and Kent gets a heavy rap on the door. A Chicago policeman came seeking us because we work with unusual cases. A small airport reports that a small Cessna plane crashed on their tarmac during a red eye flight. The problem is, there is no plane, and no wreckage, nor its 6 passengers. Two pilots and a family of four. Upon investigation of the crash site, Flint notices a boot print. But this isn't any normal boot print the police forensics would have noticed. First off the boot print is about 4 feet long, and it's only visible by those aware of magic. We find the foot prints lead into a small grove of trees off the tarmac.

Upon entering the grove, we find ourselves in a seemingly endless forest. Due to the overpowering sense of magic all around us, it is likely that only those aware would have ended up in the same place once they walk through the grove of trees. The boot trail becomes invisible because the magical resonance of the forest overpowers our sense of it, so we are forced to follow other tracks, like the pieces of the fuselage of the Cessna wreckage.

The track brought us to an abandoned church in a clearing in the woods. Kody, the ex-army ranger, sneaks up to get a closer look. Once he gets back and tells us it is occupied, we devise a plan. Hank comes up with the idea to disguise himself as a lost wanderer, seeking water. Hank is a professional make-up artist and actor, whose primary career is with film production, and is a pretty good looking man, with slightly effeminate features. He played the part very well, getting into character, and collapses in front of the cabin door, moaning for water. The door smashes open and we get a sight.

What could be described to us as probably the ugliest man we have ever seen, about 12 feet tall, looks like he dressed for a Renaissance fair, and sports a massive mean axe slung across his back. He leans down over the prone actor and in a deep scottish accent, yells "Looks like we be havin' Elf tonight!"

Kent doesn't want to risk anything, and is very much a shoot first, ask questions later kind of guy. As the giant of a man picks up Hank and says "We'll eat this one first!", Kent lets off 3 precise shots from his rifle into the skull of the giant. Of course the likelihood of 3 penetrating shots to the cranium anyone would survive are astronomically low. The giant drops like a rag-doll, but right on top of Hank. The door slams shut.

At this, Kody comes bursting out of the forest into the clearing and barrels into the body of the dead giant to roll it off the struggling Hank. Kody musters his unique magical skills, and shapeshifts into a 12 foot tall, 1500 lb. Kodiak bear. As he burst into the door and knocks it off its hinges, he notices another giant waiting for him holding a crossbow more akin to a ballista, and lets a bolt off. It injures the bear, but he will endure. He ducks back out of the doorway.

Flint (my character), has been watching this all from the sidelines, mouth agape. But he had the presence of mind to prepare a special sticky note. He had written a well crafted incendiary spell on the sticky note. He rushes up to the cabin without standing at the doorway and gathers his nerve. Kody the Kodiak bear knows better than going through the door again, so he decides to go through one of the windows at the side of the cabin. The giant inside finds himself suddenly assaulted from a huge bear bursting through the window, and drops its crossbow. Flint notices this, and slaps the sticky note down on the weapon. It bursts into flames as though it was soaked in kerosene.

Kent with his rifle, and Kody with his bearclaws finish taking out the giant. It falls down on the burning crossbow and catches fire. Kent had noticed a third giant inside who was about to lower 4 bodies into a pot of boiling water, and with a precision headshot, takes him out.

Flint was feeling pretty good having disabled the crossbow, but he didn't notice the first giant outside the doorway stand up again. With little effort it backhands Flint and flings him across the room. He had never been in a fight before, so he ends up dazed, crippled, prone, with an asthma attack, and essentially demoralized. How could he fight such an awesome force in a world he knew so little about?

Kody confronts the giant outside, but its different this time. It's now 30 feet tall, even uglier, had grown tusks, and super pissed. It severely cripples John with a 'HULK SMASH' like maneuver. Hank checks up on Flint who had just used his inhaler for the asthma attack. He gets a grin on his face, and asks Flint "You ready to be a hero?" Before Flint could respond, he teleports the both of them outside and right behind the giant. Flint prepares another incendiary sticky note, and with his last reserves of strength he leaps up and slaps it on the giant. With a combination of Kent emptying his clip into the monster, Kody's vicious bear attacks, and my severe ignite spell, the creature falls.

Having vanquished our foes, we prepare to lick our wounds and wrap up this case. Unfortunately we weren't able to save everyone. The father of the family of 4 was sold off to another giant who had left and ate him, and the pilot was already consumed by the 3 giants we just killed. The co-pilot, mother, and two children were now safe.

From what they told us though, it sounds like the father was specifically targeted and sold off for food. Exactly why, though, we don't know yet.

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