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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Star*Drive Saturday: The T'sa

Last week it was the primitive race of the Sesheyan, this week it is the:

Male (top) and female (bottom).
The charismatic and quick minded reptilian t'sa are a race known well for their technical feats and precision, both in the engine room and out in combat.
  • Homeworld: Taasa, T'sa Cluster
  • Average Lifespan: 90 years
  • Average Height: 1.4 m standing (4.6 ft)
  • Average Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
  • Current Population: 80 billion, highest within the T'sa Cluster, a protectorate of the Galactic Concord (88%)
Taasa is a lush world of swamps and lowlands similar to earth's prehistoric era. Except in this world dinosaurs were never replaced by mammals as the dominant species. The t'sa evolved intelligence early on. They were developing their solar system when the humans were building pyramids in the desert. When humans had confirmed their world was round, the t'sa had sent their first robotic probe into space. By the time humans developed the first atomic bomb, the t'sa colonists were falling into deep cryogenic sleep and began their long voyage to a nearby star. When humans had developed the stardrive, the t'sa already had a stellar empire consisting of 5 systems.

Flag of the T'sa Cluster.
An independent explorer ship stumbled on the t'sa cluster. Ever since then they would not take any allegiance to any human nation, preferring to keep their own power. Around this time humanity was locked in a galactic war, and largely left the t'sa alone. Trade with the Orion League and a few other nations commenced in small parts. The t'sa expanded now with their faster driveships and the cluster claimed 3 more systems. Gaining friendship with humans was a challenge at first. The t'sa didn't like human arrogance, nationalism, and belief in manifest destiny for the galaxy. However, more than 10% of the t'sa left their home to join humanity in its exciting frontiers. For many t'sa, humanities scientific and stellar explorations are irresistable. It's impossible to not join in.

Now the T'sa Cluster is technically a Concord neutrality, protected from interference through the Treaty of Concord. Though they have proven their unwillingness to bow to human military force, they aren't interest in armed conflict either. The t'sa and Concord leaders understand that such a conflict could ignite another galactic war. The T'sa Cluster operates under its own laws, and travelers into its space are reminded of that via drones. Visitors travel at their own risk there. Though the t'sa are friendly, they owe no allegiance to any stellar nation.
Even standing still (nearly impossible for a t'sa) they convey impressions of speed, sharp reflexes, and constant activity. They are lightning quick and have a fast mind to match the fast body. They have a sleek reptilian form and legs of a runner with scales that provide some natural protection. They have a natural curiosity and affinity for all things technical. They are consummate tinkers, constantly disasembling things to discover their workings and how to improve them. They are capable of incredible feats of innovation and ingenuity as a result. They easily bond with others in their group, often making at least one of them a lifelong friend. Cheerfulness and goodwill never falters in the t'sa, nor their desire to know every secret. Most humans find it endearing. Of all the intelligent aliens encountered so far, the t'sa are the most like humans psychologically; driven by insatiable curiosity and demand for discovery.

Human strength vs. t'sa speed.
Rogue Space Character Ideas
A player may choose to be of the t'sa race. He/she must follow the restriction below, but also gains the benefit below.
  • Restrictions: Technician or Rogue only.
  • Benefit: +3 to initiative. Natural scaly skin grants Light armor when naked.

A t'sa engine room.
T'sa Chief Engineer
Character Background: Engineer
High Attributes: Repairing and Scientific
Archetype: Technician
A t'sa serving as engineer aboard a ship can give captains something to be proud of, as well as worry about. Proud knowing the heart of the vessel is in some of the best hands in the galaxy, and worried that their ship will never pass inspections. To outsiders, the place where a t'sa works looks like a jumbled mess of wires and exposed cables and hazards, but to a t'sa its much better than the way it was. "Trust me, it's better this way." they would say. New engineers generally can't make heads or tails of new and unorthodox ways a t'sa had everything wired up, but you definitely cannot argue with the results.

Typical t'sa tool harness.
T'sa Merchant
Character Background: Trader
High Attribute: Empathy and Scientific
Archetype: Rogue
You fancy yourself a purveyor of unusual trinkets and curios. Along your travels you encounter many unusual people, places, and items. Sometimes you may find alien artifacts, or some unusual charms used by the natives. Whatever it is, your natural insatiable curiosity gets you some interesting finds in the Verge. Having a charming personality helps you in your dealings and interactions with buying low and selling high.


  1. I like the feel of this faction and it seems right for Rogue Space for sure. The possibilities for a much pulpier interpretation and some creative development of wider T'sa space could also bring new players into the system, or any setting they were used in.

    Have you seen the Chuhuac? There's some possible crossover there, and maybe for miniatures if they're being used by a group.


    1. I actually have, in fact i am a backer for a squad of their 28mm figures. With the t'sa being an independent faction under protection from the Galactic Concord you can make them pretty much into whatever you want. The Chuhuac would definitely be interesting stand-ins. Engineer raptors running around a ship creates an enticing idea.