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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Flint Richards C.P.A.

My gaming group is starting up a new campaign at the beginning of the new year. Our GM has it planned to be a modern fantasy, taking inspiration from Mage: The Awakening, and Dresden Files. It is his homebrew setting and game system, so it should be fun. I know little about the setting going in, which is ideal for the character I'm playing:

Flint Richards C.P.A.

The idea with this character was to take a completely ordinary person, and thrust him into an extraordinary world. All of our characters will be mages to some degree, but in order to be awakened to this power, we would have had to have died at some point, and brought back to life somehow.

Flint was an ordinary office drone. He got his C.P.A. license and kept to himself. He has also suffered from asthma for most of his life, commonly triggering from stress. For the past 10 years he has been seeing strange symbols in his head. He jots them down on things to get them off his mind. One day while in a bank, he got shot during a robbery. He was declared dead for a few seconds but resuscitated to life. After that day, he found that these symbols had power to them. Through a lot of experimentation he also discovered a sequence, or a syntax for equations using these symbols. Not entirely sure of what power he now held he kept his doings a secret.

His research and studies he kept in his Franklin Covey planner. And he made a magic wand out of a limited edition really expensive pen that was given to him as a gift. One day while experimenting with a new equation, he set his house on fire. While it burned in an eldritch blaze, a group of supernatural private investigators (the rest of the group) found him, and decided to take him on as another member. Our group, Nightfall LLC, investigate the unknown for people. (naturally he handles the books and accounts for the company)

The idea for this character is an regular number cruncher who writes spells on sticky notes using a magic wand/pen. I carefully chose his skills and attributes to meet that of an ordinary person with asthma, so this should prove interesting.

We only get together to play about once a month, so I will be chronicling the adventures of this certified public accountant here as they are happening.

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