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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Star*Drive Saturday: The Mechalus

Last week it was the psionically talented Fraal, this week it is the:

Female and Male
A synthetic and advanced race of pacifists who excel in computers, cybernetics, and grid technology.
  • Homeworld: Aleer (Rigunmor Star Consortium space)
  • Average Lifespan: 250 years
  • Average Height: 1.8 m (6 ft)
  • Average Weight: 90 kg (200 lb)
  • Current Population: 38 billion, highest within the Rigunmor Star Consortium (87%)
Aleer is an earth-like world that gave rise to an intelligent race which followed relatively the same social and technical evolutionary path as humans. Except when computers came to be, this is where the paths diverged. They progressed considerably by leaps coupled with significant advances in medicine and genetic engineering. This made them bio-engineer their species and implant molecular level cybernetics which created a synthesis of flesh and circuitry. Their children are now born with cyberbionics. They then developed space travel and settled their own star system. But their warlike tendencies had a bad outcome when they made contact with another species on a planet within their own system. In response to a hostile reaction from these creatures, the aleerins used their mass destruction weapons to obliterate the population of the planet. Shortly thereafter an emotional backwash swept through the entire culture on what they had done. A change in character was seen as necessary for their species. They became more sedate and less inclined toward hostility. They resolved to never again use violence unnecessarily against another sentient species.

Shorty after they made contact with a Rigunmor explorer ship. The aleerins were very willing to sign a commercial agreement with the Consortium. Although the Rigunmors credit it to their ability to strike good deals and negotiations, the truth is they were vulnerable after they had caused the genocide of another race, and were looking for anything to change. Humans nicknamed them the 'mechalus' and they adopted it willingly, viewing the shedding of their old name as one of the last elements of their social revolution.

The mechalus' unique ability with technology contributed to the Consortium's growth in interstellar power. Though most refused to fight during the Second Galactic War, the indirect effects of mechalus assistance with the grid proved essential, especially against the computer savvy VoidCorp. Even the most pacifist mechalus does not consider grid warfare as violence, and embrace it wholly. Today the mechalus are recognized as the unquestioned masters of computers and grid tech. They are front line defenders for Consortium grids, and others through contracts. Only the best of Insight and VoidCorp can match mechalus grid skills.

At a glance a mechalus can be mistake for a human, even only briefly. Veins of circuitry weave with flesh and blood to form a totally synthesized body. Mechalus hair is a combination of protein strands and filaments of cable and wire. Skeletons enforced with synthetic material and bony protective plates can be seen beneath their bio-organic flesh at the shoulders and across the chest. The unique feature of a mechalus is their ability to merge physically with computers. Filaments extend from their fingers, snake into computers, and form a hard link to the machine. Their cyber-organic brains then communicate directly with the computer, providing them with better control than any manual interface. Although they think with precision and logic of a machine, they are a highly emotive people who work exceedingly hard to promote their positive emotions, and subdue their negative ones. Knowing what sort of destruction they are capable of, they make this a conscious and constant effort. In tense dangerous situations they are likely to remain calm and logical. Humans may often observe that it seems like they are putting extra effort to appear cheerful or jubilant, but mechalus consider this a normality. They do wish to prove to others that they are more than just machines in semi-organic bodies.

Rogue Space Character Ideas
A player may choose to be of the mechalus race. He/she must follow the restriction below, but also gains the benefit below.
  • Restriction: Technician or Warrior only.
  • Benefit: You begin play with a free equivalent to an NIJack that allows you to mind meld with computers and the grid merely through hand touch. You also gain a +1 bonus to using computers and the grid. Mechalus are also immune to the effects of the Cykosis rule (special).
Mechalus Grid Pilot
Character Background: Hacker
High Attributes: Scientific and Repairing
Archetype: Technician
When the worst of the grid war spilled over from Insight and VoidCorp into the Consortium, you were right there on the front line of defense. Due to your natural affinity with computers, the Consortium has you to thank for Rigunmor's grid stability. Now that things have calmed down, you find yourself less in need in old space, and the grid is just reopening in the Verge. The Concord or any group of adventurers could have use of the most skilled grid pilots in the galaxy.

Mechalus Cyberwarrior
Character Background: Soldier
High Attributes: Fighting and Repairing
Archetype: Warrior
Not every mechalus is a pacifist. While you may not be overly violent, you are also not afraid of a fight. With inhuman composure you handle tense combat, and thanks to all your cybernetic enhancements, you are also extremely formidable. The mechalus are immune to the effects of cykosis so they can utilize special cybernetics freely, even the normally dangerous ones, like Muscle Plus and the Fast Chip. But can still be effected by the tremendous strain such devices place on the body.

NOTE: When Wizards scrapped Alternity, and released the d20 Future book, they moved a lot of elements from Star*Drive over. In the d20 Future book, the mechalus are referred to as aleerins. 

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