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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Minis Showcase: Misc Warhammer

Just a few experiments I did with painting and color schemes.

I had just watched a video on creating a rust look, and this was the result of that. I went out and bought a single Necron metal blister to try it out. I figured they should look a little rusty after being buried for so long. Highlighting the face white was another experiment. The head should be the center of the miniature, to show the emotion (or lack thereof). Still the gun pulls the attention away, but I like the head being slightly different from the rest of the body.

The experiment here was the basing, which this would be one of my best base jobs ever. I saw a video mention using baking soda for snow instead of expensive hobby snow flock, and it blew me away. Sometimes the best solutions are the cheaper ones. Also I have always thought Grey Knights were some of the greatest looking space marine variations, so it was an absolute pleasure to paint this guy.

This miniature came in the special collectors edition box set of Warhammer Online: Age of reckoning. The set included an awesome artbook and comic book, and this mini. My college roommate had bought the set, and gave the mini to me because he didn't ever want to get into painting miniatures. It would take me many years before I worked up the courage to paint it, and then I gave it back to him. He graciously received it.

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