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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Star*Drive Saturday: The Sesheyan

Last week it was the cyberbionic race of the Mechalus, this week it is the:

Female (top), and male (bottom).
A primitive people who are forever under control of the monolithic VoidCorp as slaves or assassins. Few escape and become some of the galaxy's most feared hunters.
  • Homeworld: Sheya (VoidCorp space)
  • Average Lifespan: 180 years
  • Average Height: 1.7 m standing (5.5 ft)
  • Average Weight: 40 kg (88 lbs)
  • Current Population: 17 billion, highest within VoidCorp (95%)
The world of Sheya, meaning “hunting land” in their language, is a dark tropical moon of a gas giant. They are far enough away from their sun to keep the world in a perpetual twilight, but receive enough heat from the core planet and sun to keep it warm. The sesheyan, meaning “hunters of the land”, were the undisputed masters. They believed the purpose of the world was to provide food for its children. They evolved to an aboriginal stage of development, keeping oral histories and working with tools no more complicated than stone blades and wood spears. Everything is mystical and magical to the sesheyan people, and tribes are often lead by the influential shamans. Then a VoidCorp survey ship landed on Sheya in 2273, and since that day they had fallen under control of the corporate state. They call the day aikeita (day of ghosts) and it ended their peaceful primitive lifestyle. Outside the borders of VoidCorp, many believe the sesheyans got a raw deal. Social criticism, media coverage, and holofilms depict even the most nefarious sesheyans as unwilling pawns to be pitied or even rescued. You can bet that any videos of rebellious sesheyan don’t make it inside VoidCorp. The company of course sees things differently. They saw a race living in terrible straits, victims of a stagnant culture. They brought them out of the darkness of their own ignorance, enlightening the dark jungle world. They became VoidCorp employees like any other. They actually have clear equal rights under official corporate memorandum. They have equal opportunities for advancement given their unique skills. The elevation of more than a dozen to vice presidential level (ZA or above) demonstrates VoidCorp’s commitment to promotion through achievement. It’s true few are found outside of VoidCorp, but their numbers were never very large.
First Contact
A typical sesheyan hunter maintains an outward appearance of confidence and power, but inside struggles to stay brave in the face of so many frightening strange and seemingly magical things. Most humans can’t help but feel uneasy in their presence. This attitude stems from humankind’s innate fear of the dark, and the creatures that inhabit it. As born hunters they may seem to others as emotionless, but they actually have a profound respect for all life and its place in the natural cycle. Technology is new and alien to them. They can eventually learn to use high tech equipment, but generally never feel comfortable with it. Some deeply religious ones refuse to have anything to do with it. Sesheyan heroes would belong to the small group who have gotten familiar with technology. They will operate a computer, station, or ship, but that doesn’t mean they have to like it.
Tribal meeting.
They have bulbous heads encircled by 8 small eyes, and capped by large pointed ears (male ears are generally larger than a female’s). Their body is a light muscular frame with powerful wings that extend to a 6 meter span that spread from their back, and a long tail with an expandable fan-shaped tip, which provides stabilization while in flight. Wings can be folded tightly against their back when not in use. They are considered the most alien of the new species that stepped out into the galaxy with the help of humans. They are built to function in darkness with extreme precision and grace. In perpetual twilight jungles of Sheya their senses serve them well. With hypersensitive eyes and ears, they become unparalleled hunters. When in normal light, they require goggles to shield their eyes.

Rogue Space Character Ideas
A player may choose to be of the sesheyan race. He/she must follow the restriction below, but also gains the benefit below.
  • Restriction: Rogue only.
  • Benefits: In normal gravity they can use their wings to glide or fall safely, but not fly. They are capable of small flights in half-gravity conditions, and have great control in zero gravity (all assuming the presence of atmosphere). Has low-light vision. Can see in complete darkness as though dim light, but is sensitive to bright light, needing special sun-goggles in daylight.
Sesheyans utilize a lot of mythological references in their language and culture. A ghostwalker is the term they use for ones either willingly (or unwillingly) under the employ of VoidCorp. In playing a ghostwalker they are generally assassins, thieves, or trackers. He could be under servitude of a fellow VoidCorp player, or on assignment into the verge similar to the Corporate Agent character here. In general the prey and environment has changed, but the skills remain the same. Sesheyans are hunters out in the galaxy as they are on their homeworld.

VoidCorp prefers to call them outlaws. These are the few who have escaped the clutches of corporate control. A windspirit player is generally considered a mercenary or free agent to whoever could use the skills of a sesheyan. They must be careful in dealing with VoidCorp officials, though, as they could be targeted for recapture or given their presence known to home office. Many claim Galactic Concord citizenship (whether true or false) to avoid repeat enslavement.

Free Heart
This is the term used to describe those who are generally still living and hunting on Sheya. It's also the term to describe how life was before first contact. VoidCorp views Free Hearts as less than reliable and assigns them to hard labor. Few sesheyan heroes come from this primitive class, but windspirits and ghostwalkers almost always begin here before they learn the nuances of technology and become adapted to galactic life.

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