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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Star*Drive Saturday: The Weren

Last time it was the quick-witted race of the T'sa, this week it is the:

Male (left) and female (right).
A young and proud race of warriors. While usually type cast as brutes or muscle they find employ in various fields across space. However they are still adapting to galactic life.
  • Homeworld: Kurg, Orlamu Theocracy Space
  • Average Lifespan: 160 yrs
  • Average Height: 2.2 m (7 ft)
  • Average Weight: 180 kg (400 lbs)
  • Current Population: 40 billion, highest within the Orlamu Theocracy (78%)
When Kurg was discovered in 2246 by the Orlamu Theocracy, they were undergoing a time period similar to our own renaissance. It was a period of learning, debate, and speculation of the nature of life. Inventions like the printing press, scientific method, and the flintlock could be found. However it was also undergoing a world war. Even with the willingness to bring the weren (pronounced 'wear-enn') race to the galaxy, the theocracy has taken great care not to polute Kurg with modernism. They make it a point to not import any technology, especially weapons. Only 2 remotely located starports are where you will find any human influence on Kurg. Different weren leave Kurg for different reasons. Most seeking a new way of life, often to leave an unhappy one in hopes of a better future among the stars. When it happens, a delegation of Orlamus meet them at a starport, and after a week of interviews they confirm that the candidate is committed to leaving Kurg. In fact, Orlamus often discourage weren from emigrating, they want the candidate to weigh the decision very carefully. Once a weren has left, they are discouraged from returning and contaminating Kurg with foreign ways. A weren who leaves is granted temporary citizenship in the theocracy, and a majority attend an Orlamu college. Crusade, a respected military academy is a popular choice. But Orlamu diplomats provide other options as well, even those outside the theocracy. Weren are in high demand in any nation, even the Concord, especially in militaries.
They can be ill-mannered at times.

You can't miss a weren. They are very tall, very heavily built, and covered in fur. Their powerful frame sports wicked claws that make them a formidable opponent even when they don't carry weapons. A great mane of hair flares from their heads and their fur ranges from black to shades of grays and whites. They approach life with amazing intensity. When embracing a new idea or belief, they become zealots. They profess the tenets of those beliefs with word, deed, claw and war mace. Though they are built for battle, they love to talk and share ideas. Not every discussion leads to a fight, and most weren wont battle those weaker than themselves. They have strict codes concerning honor, combat etiquette, and noble acts. They make fierce warrior embracing combat, but take religion seriously. Tech use doesn't come naturally to them, often preferring gear closer to their native tech level. Philosopher-warriors. Weren appear to be a dichtomy of enlightned scholars and noble savages. They have combined the 2 ways of life well. Though they have no high-tech of their own, they gladly board starships in order to learn more about the galaxy.

Rogue Space Character Ideas
A player may choose to be of the weren race. He/she must follow the restriction below, but also gains the benefit below.
  • Restriction: Warrior only.
  • Benefits: Hard and sharp natural claws grant them a Light weapon at all times (located on hands and feet). +2 bonus to hit points.

Weren Paladin
Character Background: Cleric
High Attributes: Fighting and Empathy
Archetype: Warrior
The theocracy gives weren the option to enter the priesthood, and surprisingly a large number find themselves inspired to take up orders as Orlamists. Once they join the church, they become fierce supporters of the faith. They are among the church's most successful missionaries. While most Orlamists concentrate on the scientific aspect of the religion, weren tend to focus on the faith and devotion aspects. The militant weren find place within the military orders of the theocracy, creating a unique branch within, the order of Paladins. Warrior missionaries traveling abroad and spreading the word of the Divine Unconscious and protecting the weak and helpless.

Weren Bodyguard
Character Background: Mercenary
High Attributes: Fighting and Acquiring
Archetype: Warrior
Whether they stay home, join the theocracy, or travel abroad, weren are among the most respected sentients in explored space. Part of that respect can be attributed to their physique and their well deserved reputation as powerful warrior. Part of it comes from the value that weren culture attaches to loyalty. When a weren attaches himself to a loyalty, religion, or friend, it's impossible to shake. This makes them ideal bodyguards. Generally they are hired for the job, but weren like to claim freedom to leave a dishonorable client in favor of more trustworthy ones. They guard the bodies of their companions, but often work to establish deep friendship and family.

The Weren Flintlock
The flintlock invention was fairly new on Kurg, and quickly gained popularity as a tool of honorable combat, status, and symbolism. It is no less for those who leave the homeworld. They often wear one brandished in a belt or a few on bandolier more as a memento of their past and history. While used rarely in modern warfare, they make a great single-shot close combat weapon, much to the confusion of many foe who has no idea what they are facing. Very innacurate at longer ranges, though a rifle/musket version exists, it is even more rare due to its ineffectiveness vs other more modern alternatives. Other weapon manufacturers try making weapons for weren emulating the Kurg flintlocke style, but they are not as profitable as an authentic hand-crafted on Kurg model.

Weren Flintlock Pistol - Damage@Range: Medium@Melee, Light@Short - Special: Any race other than a weren suffers a -2 penalty in use due to sheer size and strength of recoil. Single shot and takes a full round to reload. Cost: 200 cr for weren from Kurg. 650 cr for everyone else outside due to rarity.

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