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Friday, September 18, 2009

A little more awesomeness

Just wanted to show a little more that is the awesome work of Jarom.

Left to right: Qur'Haddan Tempest (the quick one that nearly killed Behrun), Behrun Farsetter, Garu Greyforge (background), Agnya Brighthill (background), and Hanzbur the Forgesworn

This is a depiction of the events that happened in my Journal entry Day 7. Again this is an actual dnd game that Jarom and i are doing together. I like this illustration because it sort of shows the fighting style of the Crusader, and the Qur'haddan Tempest, which is another class we plan on getting into in the future. The Qur'haddan have their own magic and the Tempest is the epytome of its use.

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