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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Behrun Farsetter's Journal. Day 2

Behrun Farsetter's Journal. Day 2

I woke up late. Late into the day as a matter of fact. Never has much laziness been shown among dwarfkind since the dark afflictus kin. Not a good way to begin my journey. But i must not dwell on it, for an ancestor does enough remembering of my sins when i am judged before them.

As a first step i returned to our family historian to convene with him where i may begin my search. After pondering the missing section of the genealogy mountain, we found it might not be a bad idea to get with someone in the family that trades goods between the holds and with the humans if there might be any artifacts recovered or traded that could be a lead to something. He recommended me to my cousin, Bellyorp. Now i have not seen much of Bellyorp during our decennial reunions, but i know the rumors of him. Some say he has grown soft or wild from too much contact with humans and shady folk. Having got himself into much trouble at times.

I was to find this cousin at the trade district of Brinyons Hammer Hold, for today was nearing market season in the holds and he was sure to be there selling his services to stock the vendors with goods and oddities from far and wide. Sure enough, i find him there, but in a tavern, drinking with some ragged looking bunch of human folk. All rumors i heard of him appeared true. He looks as though he has seen his fair share of rough times, but not from battle or war. One side of his waist length double braided beard had been sheared off by a blade it looks. Perhaps from crossing a powerful individual, most likely a human. A specie that has no respect for the sanctity of the dwarf and his beard. They appeared to be having a jolly time amongst the bar, and as i approached i received a hearty greeting and an offering of ale. While i would prefer not to be seen drinking with this black sheep, it was an even greater dishonor to refuse a drink from a dwarf, especially of family. I relayed to him the details of my quest, making sure to keep the conversation relevant to my purpose of being with him. He mentioned his next errand would be to Emberstone, a human city mid continent. A place between the mountain range and the shores. It was once the largest and most powerful human city, but fell under siege from the Qur'haddan invasions. Now it remains half in ruins and a large percentage of its inhabitants became refugees and nomads, many settling in smaller cities. I do not wish anyone fall under the dark blades of the vile alien Qur'haddan, but good riddance. Emberstone was never much of a credit to the continent, or a friend to the dwarves since the Liberation war.

Evidently there is a grand library intact, and a certain dwarf upkeeps a section detailing dwarf history in that region. Its better than no leads, but i can only hope our Farsetters arent tainted too much by being mixed with that piece of the world. Bellyorp insisted i come with, just for safer passage. I will agree the roads do lead through the forests, and caravan casualties have happened from raiding Krin. So i am to be stuck in a mixed caravan with a half bearded cousin through Krin territory. Ancestors guide me.

We leave in the morning.

Behrun Farsetter
Crusader Acolyte

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