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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Behrun Farsetter's Journal. Day 7

Behrun Farsetter's Journal. Day 7

We gathered in the morning and set off to the abandoned hold. The journey would have to do without mounts because it goes through some rocky and heavily forested terrain. During the trip we were ambushed by some of those alien mongrel Kobolds, and a few of their Haddan masters. These pockets of resistance have been known to be spotted around the map randomly. A remnant of their mothership crashing some years back. During their invasion that shook the very foundations of the lands many nations, that infernal ship brought the Haddan and their cannon fodder the Kobolds. Vile little scavengers who only know to follow their masters. Since the Qur'Haddan were stranded here, they have been nothing short of a plague. Of course the Kobolds are an easy fight, quick to be dispatched, but the Haddan with their dark spewing glaives took a little more effort. Our little group of 3 dwarves and a Forgesworn took care of them easily.

Things got a little more eerie as we could see the vine covered doors to the hold. A magnificent dwarven statue lay above the frame, albeit worn down and weed ridden. As we approached we heard and saw something that made all our hearts sink. The last time i heard this distinct hum was when Brinyons Hammer Hold was under siege by the Qur'Haddan. They would swoop in from the skies and drop several of their soldiers right behind enemy lines, like some sort of magic flying shuttle. And we saw just that today. One of those devices hovered right in front of the hold doors and dropped off a horde of Kobold and several Haddan in makeshift self repaired armor. Definitely part of some of the renegade bands of Qur'Haddan. All except one, which had dark blue stains and scars all over his already blue skin, and very light robes. He appeared to be the leader as he barked his orders to his minions. A large battle ensued. With the vigor of my ancestors helping all of us through the swarm of enemies, we were able to cut through to the leader. His power was strange. He moved about quick and in a very showy fashion. Every time he made a long quick motion with his hands, some of that vile dark and corrosive ichor would fling out onto one of us. The stuff eats through flesh or armor and quickly evaporates. Like it was never there, leaving behind only the damage it dealt. Several times this quick-one would push the Forgesworn away and into some hole. The power he wielded seemed to knock us back, but i was able to stand my ground, like a proud dwarf i would show him.

My ancestral fury had reached its limits as every hammer blow landed true and hard, he seemed to be phased a bit by my strikes, but his own were too much for me to bear. One had caught me straight on an exposed part of my chest and i felt my life force giving away. I fell back, feeling really tired and about ready to black out. I could barely see Agnya or make out her silhouette as she hovered over me, trying to patch my wounds. I couldn't even remember what she said to me, all i know is i didn't have the strength to speak back. Suddenly i felt a push. I recognise it as a radiant touch of an ancestor, but this wasn't any of my own that i call upon. It was someone else. Someone different. But with that my senses immediately came back, and i had the strength to get up. I felt invigorated. As i got up i saw a very bruised and bloodied Hanzbur finish off the quick Haddan with a well placed axe. The creature yelled out something in its native tongue as it fell off the high rise to the hold, and landed on the rocks below.

We all felt we should take a rest and tend to our wounded before we continued further. We made camp far off the path, but still in sight of the hold. Something important lies down there, else why would a Qur'Haddan transport bring a group like that to protect it. And would they be back with more tomorrow? Mysteries within may hold more than the mere quest of Garu and i. I tried talking with Garu and Agnya about the push i felt as i lied there. They both agreed it was unusual, even though they didn't feel it. Perhaps this is something calling out to me for help. Perhaps its that gap in our family mountain encouraging me. I prayed to my ancestors and hoped they would find those who helped me, and pass along my thanks.

We delve at dawn.

Behrun Farsetter
Crusader Acolyte

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