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Sunday, September 6, 2009

A better way to Map

As a DM for our games, i am always looking for better and more visually appealing implements for our games. And i think i stubled onto the ultimate.

When we battle in dnd, i used to use a 1 inch grid map laminated and used dry erase markers on it. It worked well, but it wasnt as visually appealing. I searched the internet near and far, and found several appealing and awesome solutions, but most were usually too expensive or time consuming. Like worldworksgames products here.

Then i found something else. There is a tabletop strategy game made by Hasbro called Heroscape. It utilizes stackable hex tiles, creating some awesome landscapes. This would be a simple easy solution to making visually appealing and dynamic terrains and settings, but again its waaaaay too expensive, and it uses hex tiles. Dnd is all 1" squares.

So i got an idea. Does anyone remebers the family board game called UpWords? It was pretty much a game of scrabble with stackable letter tiles. See where im going with this?

I found a way to make that game, into this:

I had finally found a quick and easy solution. In my next blog post i will detail how i made it all.

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