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Monday, September 7, 2009

Behrun Farsetter's Journal. Day 1

Behrun Farsetter's Journal. Day 1

And so begins my journey. My quest. I have been chosen by my family, the Farsetters. For generations we have been a proud dwarven family name to involve ourselves in the construction and landscaping of several of the dwarf holds. Since our liberation from the barbaric Krin, we have been key in helping our people rebuild. Since the first purging of the Afflictus taint from within our mountain walls, we have helped to undo the damage done during the Great Purge war. Since our misguided and betrayed leaders caused the Crusader wars with the human nations, we have rebuilt and healed the damage to our structures and pride. Since even the invasion of the alien Qur'haddan, we have recuperated our forces and won back our freedom and homes. Our heritage is one of creation and rebuilding. So it will be my quest.

One very disturbing thing has been around our ancestral home in Brinyon's Hammer Hold. Our great wall with the genealogy mountain, showing the progression of our family offspring all the way back to ancient beginnings, has a missing piece. An entire section left blank and unrecorded. As though a section of our history had never happened. We know that a generation or two of proud dwarves took the name of Farsetters in that time, but we have no record of it. It has been a scar, our only scar upon our name. Not a scar of commission, but a scar of omission. The family elders have convened and said it is high time one work to fill this gap and retrieve the missing piece. Through a lottery of many able bodied warriors, i have been chosen. Me, a mere inductee into the Crusaders. Holy warriors of the benefictus ways. Well i am not without experience. I took part into the defense and liberation of Brinyons Hammer Hold from the Qur'haddan when i was but a neophyte, fresh from the steps of my family hearth. But for all Crusaders to be in the highest and most honored order, they must undertake a quest. A grand quest. So i go forth with confidence that the ancestors have willed my name be drawn from the lottery pot. I go forth with them at my back, and their strength at my limbs.

In my preparation ceremony i received many a fine implement. Great uncle Kern awarded me with a fine suit of chainmail. A chain of dwarven vigor. One that embodies our very resolve and stubbornness to fall to our enemies. Forgekeeper Rhun bestowed me a pair of ornate hammers. Craghammers named Errot and Mollek (earth power and earth defense). Even my nephew, Yinn, has given me his best crossbow from his personally crafted collection. I treasure it so. And finally the family historian gave me the greatest honor a dwarf could carry. A family mountain scroll. The Farsetter thane of old, Bregyon, carried this scroll on a chain bandoleer in a pipe case on his chest during the first purging war. Since has more and more generations of Farsetters names been added to it. To carry this into battle and on journeys is to have the very souls of my ancestors watching over it and its wielder, to make sure their names never get blotted from history by sword or fire.

The celebration of my acceptance to the task was grand. Many a keg were broken and music and dance was rampant before our genealogy mountain wall. As a matter of fact, maybe too much had been broken open, for i could barely walk straight to my bedchamber. But i needed the sleep, for the next day i would begin my quest.

I leave in the morning.

Behrun Farsetter
Crusader Acolyte

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