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Thursday, April 5, 2012

After a long hiatus...

I'm back after a very long period of nothing. I haven't forgotten about my blog, and now that I have gotten a creative spurt again, I'm going to try to do some more posts. Especially for my game projects which are nothing short of vaporware at this point. I made this blog to prevent that from happening.

So to catch up on things that have happened.
Jarom, my brother (the awesome artist in my previous posts) and partner in crime went on a 2 year mission to the magical far off land called "California". Well he's due back next month. And I cannot tell you how excited I am. Us 2 together get our creative juices flowing and determination to get shit done like nothing else. Before his mission, whenever we met, which was frequent, he would always have new drawings to show me, new ideas, and I would always give back critiques, ideas for new things to draw, and reciprocated ideas. While on his mission, that meeting has been reduced to bi-monthly letters. These letters we send each other would be chock full of papers. Months of work crammed in to manilla envelopes.

Here are a couple of awesome images he was able to scribble together while over there:
Cognitive Flux: A steampunk RPG setting we thought of. This was his first attempt at a title page for the book. It's great. Except i don't think people get 'cognitive' from the word up top. The letters are creatively hidden, but hidden too well. Something we will have to work on.

Yir'an is a fantasy setting Jarom's been brewing up in the back of his head for a long while now. I've been helping him work on it. We got some interesting ideas going. One thing is we're trying to make a fantasy that doesn't involve a lot of the overused tropes such as elves, dwarves, orcs, etc. Yet give it all the might and magic and variety that makes these things very attractive.

Wartech is a scifi space opera setting. We've been looking for an excuse to make one and brainstormed some ideas to make it unique. One thing is the form of interstellar space travel is something we believe no one else has ever tried before.

I also had a beautiful baby girl. Bree Klara Swenson. Pictured is one I posted up on 4chan's /tg/ forum for an internet baby shower. Before you say "4chan? NOOOOOOO!" I have a very mature relationship with that place. /tg/ is a diamond in the rough with a lot of great people and creativity. I'll talk more about that another day.
I just read blog posts like the one at Mik's Minis and reading about him playing with his little girl definitely gets me fired up for all the playtime that will be had with mine. She's only 2 months old now, but that doesn't stop me from reading to her children's classics such as Goodnight Dune.

Well that's a catchup. I will try to post a little more frequently now. In the meantime here is Bree telling us all to: