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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Simple Trees, Shrubs, and water. A better way to map 2.

In my previous posts i explained how to make simple stackable terrain tiles. Now i show you how to make it even better and stand out more with simple trees and shrubbery.

First you are going to need some plastic plants to work with. The cheapest i have found were some aquarium plants you get at a pet shop.
You will end up cutting these up a lot, and you will use pretty much every part, including the reddish roots at the bottom of the big ones.

First i plan to mount them to some of my greenery tiles. You will need to 'drill' some holes into them for mounting the plants. I just used my x-acto knife.Next by trimming off the thick bottoms of the trees, i glued the bases and inserted the trees.
I did it on a 1x2 tile because a single may be too small and could tip over easily. Also i would recommend mounting trees and bushes near the outer edges of the tiles so you can still fit mini's on them.
That's pretty much it.

Next i move onto making simple water terrain. I just measured how big a 2x2 and 1x2 tileset was, and printed off some water texture on some cardstock. I then cut them out into pieces like this:
The greener ones are smaller and for my indoor dungeon set, for murky cave/sewer waters. These pieces fit easily into spaces between tiles, so it looks like actual receding water.

Now for a showcase of all these principles:

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