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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Behrun Farsetter's Journal. Day 6

Behrun Farsetter's Journal. Day 6

I will admit, even though this Bellyorp may not be the best of kin, he knows how to travel. The itinerary he had planned out was worthy of mention. He knew when the best periods of the day were for a voyage. Apparently during certain times of the day, Krin were least likely to attack. And the caravan entourage was worth praise. It included a couple of dwarfs from other holds that were under Bellyorps employ, and a couple Forgesworn. Of all humans, the only people i will have any real respect for are the Forgesworn. Their story is one of devotion and oath. Back when humans were mere tribes scattered about all lands, this particular tribe took an oath to the dwarves of the earliest benefictus holds. Taking an oath to the forge. They have been mentioned among many a dwarven hold's annals of history and battle records. They now live in a hold they call their own and are counted among our own kin. Their love for the craft of armor and weapons meets our strict tenants, and their resilience and strength even matches our own. The Forgesworn are no meek and weak humans either. Their lives are of being the strongest and biggest. A noble way indeed. It is rare to find a Forgesworn that does not stand tall above others in a crowd of humans.

But with all precautions there was reward. The entire journey to emberstone was largely uneventful. Aside from a few twigs breaking in the woods, nothing threatened us. We finally arrived at the walls of Emberstone. Or ruined walls i should say. There was a crew rebuilding what they could of the sieged structure. Another wound from the Qur'haddan. A great wall built by dwarves remained for centuries, only to be broken down from poor human upkeep and Qur'haddan siege power.

Not too soon after we entered, i thanked the caravan for a safe journey and parted ways with my cousin. I seeked the cities grand library. From asking around i was lead to a tall stone structure, outlined with pillars and murals of the cities' supposed "great valour and bravery" of their kings. Inside i found a very old woman who didnt seem to pay much mind to my presence and pointed to the room that held the dwarf historian. It was no grand hall, just a dark and stuffy record room, poorly managed by an old dwarf, no doubt bad habits from being among humans too long. He introduced himself as Garu Greyforge.

I discussed with him the nature of my quest, and he was actually quite helpful. As it turns out, during the Purging of afflictus, many scrolls and documents were burned to remove its taint, even important scrolls. He had on himself his own family mountain scroll and showed it to me. The edges and a large portion of it had been burnt. He too had been trying to repiece the portions missing of his families record. Unfortunately not much was left of the Greyforge. My heart sank for his troubles. There have been rumors of some noble dwarf families slowly dieing out. My gut wrenched at the thought of their ancestors being forgotten; to have no followers to keep them alive. Disappearing into oblivion.

As he inspected my scroll laid out over his table, he did recognize a name. One he had seen before somewhere. Excited he pulled a latter up to his tall library shelves, searching for a volume he knows existed. I wish i had paid more attention to his movements for i may have seen the large tomes being thrown from the top shelf. One such had hit me in the forehead leaving a bruise.

Garu found the book to have a lead. There was an old abandoned dwarf hold not too far from Emberstone near the hill ranges which is rumored to have many records within still intact. He had been meaning to go himself for his own families sake, but never could gather the forces. The hold is said to be overrun with savage Krin or other vicious denizens who now call it home. I resolved to search the hold with him for clues to both our heritage. Old Garu enthusiastically accepted the offer and we made plans for our quest. He introduced me to his wife, a cleric of the local benefictus church. Her name was Agnya Brighthill (evidently during their marriage, her father had not wanted her to take the new name. Greyforge was not well enough known). Garu suggested i find another member for our party, as we may need all the help we can get. I knew just the one.

After finishing plans with Garu, i return to my cousins base of operations. I found him negotiating with a local vendor. I asked him if i could get the aid of one of the Forgesworn under his employ. He directed me to a Hanzbur. A tall bearded human with a patch over one eye and an axe, that was about as tall as i, slung over his back. He seemed emotionless and of few words. However he did agree to come along after i mentioned a possible compensation of his time, and some action against the Krin or beasts of the area. He appeared more interested in the latter.

We leave in the morning.

Behrun Farsetter
Crusader Acolyte

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