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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wartech Races: The Hezak

In our Wartech setting there are 4 main races. These 4 races dominate known space and are each about equal standing with population and power. Within the races are many factions, many often comprised of several of the major and minor races. The 4 main races are:
  • Fairin
  • Cha'el
  • Quiv
  • and Hezak
Hezak Male
The Hezak come from a metal rich planet named Droug. It is a very harsh and unforgiving world. The surface has low moisture content and an average temperature of 13° Celsius. Heavy metal storms rip across the surface carving wild and erratic formations. Within these crags evolved the primitive Hezak. A people that rapidly evolved from a lizard-like species. They have a thick hardy skin from the harsh environment, a second inferior set of arms that emanate from their midsection, a unique skin tone depending on where they are born, and a strong honor code and tradition.

Before the Visitors, they had a very tribal and family oriented social structure. Then came these Visitors. Strange machines descended from they sky and dwelled on the surface. The Visitors traded with the Hezak, technical marvels known as the mag-repulsor harnesses for ore common on the world. The mag-repulsor harness creates a magnetic field that protects an individual Hezak from the deadly storms of the world, and became prized possessions. From the moment a child is weaned from the mother, it is given a harness. This brought open conflict and expansion on their world. No longer were they limited to their progress based on weather.

Then suddenly one day, the Visitors disappeared. The Hezak had come to rely on them, but they were nowhere to be found. A slow panic broke out. As generations passed, and the harnesses began to breakdown or get destroyed from conflict, they became more and more valuable. Wars were often fought over them, and warlords rose to power merely for possessing a working harness.

However, the Visitors had already taught the Hezak some things, like home building an metallurgy. These were the first steps in their technical evolution. Eventually the Hezak progressed far enough to reverse engineer some of the ancient harnesses, and build there own, as well as several variations. This lead to the Hezak's current mastery of mag-tech, as seen in their starships and weapons.

The Hezak had already established bases on 3 worlds in their home system when they were discovered by Saunos. A Fairin nation.
A Hezak on trial for breaking an honor code.
Today the Hezak are valued mercenaries across the galaxy. The dominant organization being The Hezakian Combine. Taking contracts from various nations, even warring ones. Their chief technology company is InoCo, where most of the galaxy can find their personal firearms being made.

Kitbashed Hezak minis.
Additional Hezak art can be seen on Jarom's first art post.


  1. Very, very cool. Looking forward to more of these writeups. Love the converted model too, nice work all around.

  2. Great back story, looking forward to more!