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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Facility: Room Tiles

In one of my last Wednesday posts I talked of making games with 3D printers, and I announced my project; Facility - A Wartech boardgame. That was also when I talked of a great in-browser 3D program called Tinkercad. I've been working on it a lot, and have made some pretty cool stuff. These are all things planned for Facility. The sad thing is I can't see how they will turn out until I get the actual printer. But at least I'm getting some practice in.
These are the hallway tiles. 2 of this file is to be printed off. All pieces follow the same basic dimensions, which will be true for all other tiles. This is so any configuration will follow a grid-like pattern, to prevent awkward meetups and connections.
Rooma A. I had fun coming up with the different style of rooms you would find in a spaceship or an undergound facility. Even though all the rooms are treated the same, I still wanted all players to feel as though they are exploring an actual functioning facility, and not just exploring featureless rooms for objectives.
Rooms B. So this and the image above comprises the rooms you build with. See if you can guess what some of the rooms actually are.
Door pieces. I definitely had fun designing all sorts of different scifi doors for this game. When setting up the board, you also place door, and they are designed to slide in between the walls of 2 interconnecting tiles. Doors can halt or impede the progress of your opponent, and just add another piece to the visual feel of the game.


  1. The designs are all very evocative, especially the rooms. Do you know what scale it will be? Having the elements usable in other places could be good news for more players, and give you more options over time.

  2. Because this is meant to be a quick play boardgame, all tiles are 40mm x 40mm. So when you put a regular mini on it, they look like giants, and you can only fit a couple minis on each room. It is meant to be abstract representation of movement.

    I do plan on creating larger 28mm scale scifi and dungeon tiles in the future.

  3. Wow, so many options, especially those doors. How close are you?

    1. I'm done with the tiles, and all the tokens for gameplay. Now I am designing the actual figurines used during play. The miniatures that represent your characters and the badguys. That is proving to be a challenge in of itself. It is one thing to draw decent looking characters, and another to design them in a 3D program like Tinkercad.

      But it doesn't matter until i can get my 3D printer to test them out. Some designs may not print well, so i need that freedom with trial and error.