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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another AMAZING minis deal on the Internet

With all the excitement of Reaper's BONES Kickstarter, people have been raving about the excellent deal they had going on for miniatures. And rightly so. 240 minis for $100 is nothing to be quiet about.

Well let me point you to another great deal on the internet for miniatures.
Found here, this is a deal for 80 individually sprue'd plastic soldiers for about $25 USD + shipping and handling, which totals to just a little over $30 USD. That amounts to about 38 cents a figure.

Go to the website to find out exactly what miniatures come in it, but this is a very good deal for getting a ton of plastic scifi soldiers to play around with. The details are really not that great (signs of old molds and sculpts) and a lot of their poses are semi-rigid, but they are great for conversions. I know a lot who have used them to fill the ranks of Imperial Guard for their Warhammer 40k army, and I have plans on using them in scifi rpgs. Need a bunch of corporate security dudes represented for when your PCs heist goes terribly wrong? Done.

So I bought the bag. It took a couple weeks to get to me (overseas shipping and all), and I did up a couple of them just to see what I'm getting. The picture above is quite literally what you get. A clear bag crammed with 80 sprues.
First Painting
Jarom's creative use of 2 sprues. Dead counters.
So next time you want to fill your tub with even more minis and have some spare cash again, get this deal.

PS: I know they originally went to a game called Warzone, which I hear still has a following despite the original game company being out of business, and the original books are out of print. And I know that Warzone is also the Mutant Chronicles setting...sort of.


  1. Warzone was (and is) one of my more favorite skirmish level sci-fi games out there. Squarely set in the Mutant Chronicles universe it was just great, plain and simple. Their model range was absolutely huge and had sculpts that ranged from awesome-still-hold-their-own-to-today's-standards, to the bizarre, to the just downright very, very awful. This plastic bag o' figs has been around for some time and it is a steal of a deal if you're looking for some generic sci-fi troopers.

    1. I never played warzone but i know it still has a following. But year this bag is a great deal for bits and generic scifi troopers to fool around with.