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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Minis Showcase: The Zoidbergs

While it's not a deal like the minis from this post, it's not a bad deal for a box of german-themed scifi troops.
Wargames Factory is known for making some decently priced box sets. They do a lot of zombies (i did a sprue of zombies up for my wife, who loves anything zombie) and historical figures. I bought these shock troops because I liked the look of them, and it was only $20 for 18 of them.

Because I actually pre-ordered mine, each sprue in the box came with a special alien head that you could use on them. That fascinated me more than making them how they were on the box, so here they are:
A couple comments: Yes I have seen Futurama, and am familiar with the idiotic Dr. Zoidberg. But never once did that occur to me as I painted these guys with red skin. It was not until later when someone pointed it out to me and well... cannot be unseen.

It's ok. I mostly did it for the fun of it and to experiment with painting styles. I wanted them to look completely alien with very minor conversion and painting alone. The pointing-captain (as every unit of minis needs) has some sort of halo piece around his head with gives him that extra sense of authority, and the crystals on the ground adds to the alien environment they may hail from.

The plastic sprues themselves are not of the highest quality. The arms are really big and may fit together clunky, but they're still a good deal for miniatures.


  1. Ha ha, that's happened to me before!!


  2. The figures look cool, though, I wouldn't change them. I like the crystal bases as well. Are those from the kit?

    > The plastic sprues themselves are not of the highest quality.

    That does seem to be the way with Wargames Factory. I've stopped getting them myself.

    1. The crystals are actually from the sprues themselves. I cut the sprue into pieces, sort of carved them, glued them to the base, and painted them up like that.

  3. I've had this box sitting on the shelf for a while and have yet to do anything with it. Your 'lobster' heads look really good on these guys though, and the paintjob is excellent. I'm with my hetero life partner, the crystals on the bases really work.

    1. Yeah they are mediocre at best, but i had a lot of fun doing up the zombie sprue for my wife. I'll show those off one of these days too.

  4. These look cool. The lobster-heads are fun!