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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jarom's Mech Post

I finally finished my four Rogue Space Mechs. When Jared presented me with the rules for RS Mechs, I quickly jumped into makeng up the character sheets(it was mostly the art took forever, mainly due distractions, like catching up on the movies, anime, and games I skipped out on these past two years). Now, these mechs are desinged after the concepts I have for Wartech. my original idea for wartech mechs was inspired by Appleseed's Landmates (a very exo skeleton based design), but now I am designing them based more around Battletech's Protomechs.

The protomech was an awsome concept never fully realized. They never made it into any of the battletech video games, but they made a small debut in one of their sourcebooks. These 4 to 6 meter minimechs had the pilot curled up in the fetal position within the torso. The pilot controls the protomech though neural hookup placed throughout their bodies. When the pilot tries to move within the cramped cockpit, the protomech will react by imitating movement.

My M.C. (Millitary Construct), is basicaly the same. As you look at these types of M.C.s, you'll notice the sphere like abdomen. this sphere is the cockpit (the upper torso is where the battery core is). Individualy, these mechs might look good, but there are plenty of inconsistancies between the four, mainly the size of the abdomen cockpit. these mechs are aranged from light to extra heavy, and the size of the light abdomen is much smaller then the medium abdomen (i will try to pay more attention to these details in the future).

The Kurohyou (i looked up the japanese translation of panther): This light mech was developed in japan originally as a fast response police unit, but when the worlds global relations went south, the Unit 7 Kurohyou, of the 8th Stealth cat mechanized police force was re-purposed as as scout mech in the UES/Japan united militaries.
Naroe: Born and raised in japan, Naroe showed exceptional skill in piloting mechs, and at an early age became a part of the mechanized police force. She followed her "Kurohyou" into the global conflict.
Fiery Death: A medium mech originally made for the purpose of providing battlefield repairs in the heat of combat, but with an obsession with explosions and fire, Jarris added a  few "upgrades" that supports the mechs given name.
Jarris: Hailing from England, this mech pilot found his place within the military for long range, and technical support. Jarris became a "gun for hire" when the united kingdom and its military fell apart after the Chinese blasted through Europe.
Falcon Dive: This Russian developed heavy mech combines defense with speed and close combat prowess.
Voltna: A former Russian special forces member, Voltna was put within the Russian mech in an attempt to utilize her skills in the ever escalating mechanized conflicts.
Slug Train: An extra heavy mech that takes the term "extra heavy" to heart. never meant for speed, Bosh assumes the role of heavy support in any combat situation he is sent in. The soldier in the back is for size comparison.
Bosh: A traditional Marine in every way (i guess that's a good enough description).

I have always liked giant mech anime and games, but when I take a good look at the size of those giant death machines, I always wander how gigantic robots would ever be effective in war. the 15 to 20 foot mech seems like the best size for urban and tight quarters combat (even though that size can't fit into most buildings, but hey, that's why there are powered armors{i might have a post in the future with Wartech designs for powered armors).


  1. Great art and write ups! Looking forward to an after action report!

    1. Yeah he did an excellent job with the creation. I like how you can mix and match different classes of parts and gear to make unique and specialized mech builds. It's one of the major things i strived for.