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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Projects Update

Just a little update of my projects in general.

Angry Miniatures will be undergoing a rewrite soon. A friend of mine looked over the rulebook and offered several changes which only worked to make it better. Most of the changes are writing syntax and order of things so the rulebook is easier to follow. It helped me especially to see how others were interpreting what I wrote, as apposed to me explaining the game to them.

Mass Effect - Alternity rulebook will be put on 'back burner' status for now. I've done some work on it and am still enthusiastic, but my motivation for it is being preceded by other projects. Maybe soon when I get bored and pop the games in the old eks-bawks, I'll muster up the drive to restart the project. I usually do this, I will cycle through different projects, but I never leave a good one completely buried.

Rogue Space MECHS is still very much in the excitement phase. I've reached a stopping point until I've had a chance to read the Rogue Space rulebook, but my brothers and I have planned on our first playtest, and I even have a couple adventures planned out. My goal is to put the players in situations where they will get a chance to test every aspect of the rulebook. I will report the playtest and proposed rules changes here. Also I am working on a setting booklet for Rogue Space general. A particular setting that I hold close to my heart.

Konomancer is still 'now showing'. Again this is all we have of the manga we self published for Jarom's senior project. Things are picking up as you can see when the mysterious invaders with unknown technology have come.

Jarom is one of the authors of my blog as you can see. I'm always encouraging him to put his stuff out there, just to gain a following and it drives you to keep working on more and new stuff. Next step will be motivating him to make a Deviantart page. But he will be making posts periodically.

With Jarom joining the site, we will start work on one of our homebrew games. Wartech. This is one that was mostly started by Jarom and we feel we have a lot of cool stuff for it. So Wartech will be moving into 'in development' status.

Jarom also has his own little project in the pipe he may start talking about soon.

That's about it. I'll leave you all with an awesome youtube video I found. If bards exist in this world, this man is one of them. I implore you to give it a good listen as he regales you with the tale of Durin, the father of the Dwarves in Tolkein's Middle Earth. Makes me proud to be a dwarf player.

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  1. Is Mass Effect Alternity dead in the water? Finally found a decent copy of Star*Drive at a reasonable price, and can start forth on a campaign. Would love to see how your system works before spending months in development of one.