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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jarom's 1st Blog Post

A look at some of the WarTech Races

Top: a four armed Hezak in a Combat Assist Frame. Middle: a member of the mutating race, the Quiv.

Bottom left: a gifted Cha'el in psionics with sniper rifle. Bottom right: an Ayesh, a traditional fighter with a Psi Blade.

Greetings everyone...

I would have to apologize ahead; this is in all honesty my 1st post, so it might be very sloppy. If you haven’t guessed yet, I am Jared's younger brother, who's art is displayed periodically throughout this Fairly Unkempt blog. As a striving artist (striving, not starving), I have the understanding that I have to display my art and to gain the right networking connections to further my career goal to someday work in the entertainment business (hopefully I’ll get jobs in the future with game companies like wizards of the coast, or blizzard entertainment). So I am starting small, with putting more of my art on my brothers blog, but it won’t be needless art, like some weird watercolor contraption that looks like it was made by a 1st grader, and claim it's an expression of my inner pent up artist, fighting against the establishment, and other such crap (this is the opinion of Jarom, and not the opinion of this blog and all those associated with it). The art I will post will almost always have some relevance to the current projects that I and Jared are working on. In fact, the next post by me will most likely have art for the upcoming Rogue Space MECHS, in development by Jared Swenson.

The art up top is associated with the Wartech RPG that Jared has only briefly mentioned on this blog (see if you can find the Easter egg in this pic). WarTech is based off an old string of Sci-Fi art I had, involving a far off galaxy where there are no humans, and all the alien races in that sector are in a strained truce, vying over territory, resources, and technology. This is our most recent universe we have developed together in great detail, and hopefully over the course of many play tests, we can have this RPG out for you all to enjoy.

One last thing, I might be unused to it, but please make comments on my art I post and that Jared posts for me. I am looking for constructive criticism, so that I may understand how others view it and how I can improve. Make it "constructive", do not "troll" please.

Well that’s enough of me vomiting my unorganized thoughts.


  1. Looks cool, I like the Cha'el and the Ayesh especially, well done.

    1. Thanks for the comment. In the future, as I post up more WarTech art, you will get to see more of these races and brief histories behind them(and you will get to see what a Cha'el and the other alien races look like without all the armor, weapons and gear).