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Monday, June 25, 2012

Rogue Space - MECHS: Playtest 1

Rogue Space - MECHS is a project that not only adds new rules, but changes the feel of the original dramatically. This was sort of intended. I meant to keep the same basic roll system in place (especially with the LMVX classification), but instead of playing characters, you are playing mechs being played by your characters. I wanted a healthy balance of connection that the player is supposed to have with their mechs and the combat, and the disconnect of not being in direct fire, but protected in a fully armored cockpit. I also wanted the players to know they were piloting very dangerous machines with lots of firepower, and so were their enemies.

I have achieved all of the above.

I had Jarom, my brother James, and my sister Julia all join me for a game. We played a scenario I designed and had a blast. After part 2 of the session, I will write it up and post it here for download.

So here is how things went.

Jarom played the 'Fiery Death' from his post. The technician was able to take advantage of the Boosting and Repairing special rules, providing an asset to the team. He spoke in a slightly scottish accent as he roleplayed certain situations out to awesome effect. That's what I like about Jarom's roleplaying, while they aren't perfect, he usually roleplays with a character accent of some sort.

Julia, my 15 year old sister, rolled up a female rogue. A Japanese mech pilot in the stealthy sniper mech, the K3 Demeter. It had the ECM, Advanced Targeter, Stealth System, Thrusters, and Sniper Rifle (Dmg:V Rng:L) which made her a very tactical longshot. Half of the time the enemies didn't really know she was there as her Heavy rifle dealt pain on many levels.

James, as his style, went for damage. A warrior in an assault model, the MC-11 Agness, that was able to get Hyperlite arms at start. They helped as he had his Medium rifle (Dmg:M Rng:M) in one hand and a nasty double sided chainsaw knife (Dmg:M+Power) in the other. Playing an aggressive forward assault was brutal on the enemy.

Mech construction was easy and balanced. James is one of those players that loves to min-max, and he made a potent machine, but nothing gamebreaking. Sure he got a Hyperlite part, but lacked on so many gadgets that the others had.

Reducing the pilot's Fighting and Acquiring scores while inside the mech worked perfect. It allowed me to keep the TN's the same as a normal game. An easy TN was still easy, a difficult TN was still difficult. Because the pilot adds his mech's system to the reduced scores when making tests, it did simulate the mech having strengths and weaknesses, providing a mix and match system for any sort of maneuver and attack the pilot can think of. Again, simulating to the players they were controlling these machines.

The damage system worked great as well. Individual parts having hit points made the fights more memorable and had specific effects. We played with the gear disabling rules, where whenever a part takes damage the attached equipment had a chance to get disabled. James came close once, but because he had bought the Reinforced Hardpoints upgrade, he avoided his main weapon getting blown off early.

Overall once you got the hang of things, combat was quick and simple, and had potential to cover a lot more situations than I provided.

This game is shaping into something really good and can very simply add to your Rogue Space experience. I'll release the rulebook after I've made a few changes and played them in part 2 of our adventure.

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