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Friday, May 10, 2013

Adventures of a C.P.A. (Interlude 2)

(The following events take place a few days after the events of Episode 2 and before the events of Episode 3. It also deals with new information found in the last Interlude.)

Flint was nervous about giving her the book. He knew she was a homunculus, a magical creature entirely humanoid and built for a purpose. He knew she also killed herself, and when they die, the don't really die, but (for lack of a better term) reboot. Things about them change. Their physical appearance, identity, and even memories. He knew all this from his fellow companion, Kent. Kent too was a homunculus. He had his change a long time ago, and has been searching for answers since.

The dilemma was should he let her start a new life and figure things out on her own, even if it meant confusion or her past? Or did he give her the book, the planner she had kept all her notes and pictures in, to piece history together, even if it meant it could lead her to the same place she was before, and her suicide. Flint decided for the latter. He himself had questions of his past, particularly that of his father whom he never met, and would do anything for answers.

The doctor lead him to the hospital room with "the girl that fell in the lake a few nights ago, and with amnesia." At least that was the only description he could give them. Luckily they were agreeable in letting him visit, even though he had no name to give. Flint must have been one of those guys that seemed harmless enough.

She was sitting up, looking out the window. It was Cathryn alright, but different. The beautiful features and shape of her face were unmistakable, but instead of the long straight blond, she was a readhead, with changed skin complexion and faint dots of freckles. Flint nervously approached.


"It's Kate." It's an odd thing, paradox is. The universe fights what it can't rationalize. When a homunculus undergoes its 'reboot', it knows its new name, and most of its records disappear, except a few which identify it with its new name. They must have found a driver's licence on her with the changed picture and name, hence why she wasn't a Jane Doe at the hospital.

"Sorry, my name is Flint Richards, C.P.A."

"Hello, Flint. Are you my accountant?" The question caught him off guard a little bit. He did not expect it for some reason.

"Uh...yeah." It was a lie, but he at least had an 'in' to her life. The group did want to keep tabs on her, because it could lead to insight about that mysterious case of which they had no answers to.

"Well, at least I know two things: I fell in the lake, and I have an accountant."

"I have something for you, it's a book that belonged to you. Hopefully it has some answers to your questions, and even about, your father."

"My father?"

"Yes. I'm sorry to tell you he passed away shortly before you fell in the lake." He reached to hand her the book. Just as their hands got close, their fingers touched briefly. A faint spark jumped. At first to anyone it would seem like static, but the expression on her face, and the feeling Flint got told different. Flint could feel like his life was a sudden open book to her, as though he knew she could 'read' him.

"You're a wizard." She said absently. Flint was in stunned silence. It seemed like hours passed between them, without a word, but it was only half a minute.

"Uh... yeah..."

She took the book, and flipped through the pages, pausing on the ones filled with crammed words and phrases that made no sense when Flint first perused the book. "But you are not with any of the houses."

The truth was the magical houses remained a mystery to Flint. He knew they existed, but didn't know much about them. "Are you of any of the houses." He asked her, assuming her in a trance, like she could answer any question. "Your father?"

She flipped through a few more pages of scribbles, and said "Bonisagus. I don't know him, but he must be Bonisagus." She runs her fingers accross the photo of him, and her from a past life. "It's sad. I don't recognize him, but it makes me sad."

Her sad eyes looked up at Flint, then turned to puzzlement. "Why aren't you of any of the houses?"

Flint had no answer.

"They're coming for you, Flint. They are coming for you because of who your father is. The Fraternal Order of Hermes will be contacting you soon." Her words didn't seem to come from her, more like coming from a machine, which Flint found even more unsettling than the news. "But different houses within the Order may contend for your membership and loyalty."

By this time Flint had already begun to back away. He didn't want to appear rude or insensitive, but it was too much for him to take in. "Uh, well, ok. Um. Here" He fumbled in his suit pocket for a card "Here is my card. If you have any questions, or need any help, uh, call me."

Just as he turned to leave, heart racing, she called to him. "Flint!" His head turned back only far enough to see her out of the corner of his eye. He didn't want her to see his panic. "Pick your associations carefully." She returned to the book, flipping through the pages like a speed reader.

He barely made it to the parking lot before he dropped to his knees, wheezing heavily. Instinctively he began reaching for his inhaler. What did she mean? What about the houses? His father? Who was he? Was he a wizard too? Was Hermes coming for him because his father was a Hermes as well? Or were they enemies?

The familiar touch of the cold inhaler met his lips and he sucked the spurt of medicine, bringing immediate relief. If they came for him, what then?

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