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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kickstarter: Engine Heart

If I were to suggest to someone the idea of playing Wall-E the RPG, they may laugh it off as a joke. But then they would think about it for a while, and actually start to consider it.

Not necessarily playing as one of the main characters from the movie, but imagine the same world that Wall-E survived in. Now imagine you are a different robot somewhere else, who has miraculously survived just as Wall-E has, and built up your own quirky binary personality. Maybe you survived because you adapted, adopting new directives for survival. Maybe you survived by keeping with your original programming, even if it means danger to others around you.

So I present to you, Engine Heart, the RPG about playing simple helpful bots in a post apocalyptic world. Nobody knows what happened to the humans, not even the bots. They just endure.

This was a game that was created on my forum I like to frequent, and I had a small part in its creation (very small, more like encouragement and surface feedback) like the other RPG I presented here. It's made by a talented game designer known on my forum only as Viral. He has made other little quirky titles, but Engine Heart is the one that is lauded as his greatest creation.

The game is already published, and you can buy a print, but he is doing a Kickstarter campaign to get copies made so they can be shipped to local game stores. I talked with my store owner here in Idaho and got him to volunteer to be on the list for stores that will receive copies when the Kickstarter finishes. He has already reached his funding goal, so this isn't a call for support. But check it out. You can download it for free here. Read the book and tell me you don't want to run a game of friendly robots in a harsh world.

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  1. I've actually been greenlit by Viral to publish an expansion for this quirky little game, which I've fallen in love with.