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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Adventures of a C.P.A. (Interlude)

I hope you have been finding the adventures of my wizard C.P.A., Flint Richards, at least somewhat interesting. He is definitely finding out there is much more in the world than meets the eye. I can only hope he survives and adapts to it.

One of the things about my character is his naivety, and learning magic through spells and enchantments. In this game there are 7 spheres of magic, and while most characters specialize in at least one or two spheres, Flint has some points in all 7. The idea is he has familiarity and some small ability to manipulate the different spheres because he found the root language of magic.
Mmmmm... leather.
I gave him an expensive pen which will double as his wand and inscription tool, and a Franklin Covey day planner, which he uses as his spellbook. I figured it would be a nice touch for a character with his background.
Spell transfer sticky notes!
So to get into the character a little, I went out and bought a Franklin Covey planner and started working on it to make it look like how a modern wizard's spellbook would look. This was an effort to get a little more into character during the game sessions.
My current character sheet.
This planner has 2 purposes: A visual prop for my character, and it also includes several game notes and rules, and his character sheet and stats. The funny thing is of all the uses for this planner, I don't use it to plan or date sessions. I have my cellphone for that. I imagine Flint has the same set-up. In a modern electronic world, his cellphone takes care of everything his planner would have. Now he finds a convenient zipper notebook with blank pages.

I thought I would include a few scans of the pages of Flint's spellbook. I made them up to look like the frantic scribblings of an excited person, inspired to get as much down on paper as he can.
Speaking of planners, Flint had a chance to look into the planner of their client from last session. The homunculus Cathryn Applegate.

So it featured a lot of very interesting things. First, and foremost, the planner wasn't hers. According to the cover page, it belonged to Bernard Applegate, her "father". I put the word father in quotes because of some other things Flint found. The planner, as it was originally used for, is chock full of numbers, personal notes, and other things. It also had pictures of Cathryn. Only in these photos she is different. Her hair and eyes were different color, but overall the same appearance. She is called Delilah in these photos, including a wedding photo to Bernard. Therein also lies information about a "mail order bride company", and paperwork for Delilah Anastova, a Russian immigrant brought over to marry Bernard Applegate.

So we know the following: Cathryn is russian. She is a homunculus, and was originally married to Bernard, but we assume something happened to reset her again, and he just changed her name, hair and eyes (somehow) and claimed she was his daughter, probably because he was aging and she wasn't.

Flint feels bad for the predicament Cathryn is in now. Not knowing anything about herself. So he now faces the decision to present all information he knows to her to help her get some answers, or help her start a clean slate. She must have found something that night at the marina to cause her to commit suicide, so she may be better off knowing nothing of her past, and yet it would be torture to have so many questions unanswered. Flint wasn't prepared for this sudden type of responsibility.

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