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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wartech Campaign: Experimental Rules (Part 2)

This is a continuation of reporting what experimental rules worked and what didn't for our Rogue Space Wartech campaign. Last week I explained the Skill system which worked really well.

Stun Points
We had given characters a second set of health points called Stun points. These were meant to represent your character's non-lethal damage. Losing all your stun points knocked you out cold. They were also easy to recover. Your character's stun points is just his/her health points divided by 2 (rounded down). Some weapons did stun damage only, and it would work well for psionics. Using and pushing psionics didn't eat up your health points, instead it did your stun points. This allowed for more liberal use of psionics without making them so deadly to the user.

Well this rule looked good on paper, but it really didn't effect play all that much. It only served to convolute the rules where they probably didn't need to be. Few things did stun damage and few times did we use our psionics and noticed any difference when using stun points instead of health points. So in short this rule really didn't add anything to game's experience.

Two Damage Types
The idea here was weapons do either Physical or Energy damage. Why? Because armor. Some armor would be more effective against energy weapons than physical weapons, and visa versa. So a weapon would be listed as something like M(ph) meaning Medium Physical damage, and some armor would have 2 defense values: M(ph)/L(en), meaning you roll Medium defense vs physical damage, and Light defense vs energy attacks.

Well this didn't really work out either. For simplicity most of the time the GM would stick with one damage type and then at some point you would forget there were 2 different damage types. Most armors too would just have the 1 defense die which did equal defense vs. both damage types. So this really didn't come into play much either, and only seemed to clutter up the character sheet.

Next week I will get into a few rules that actually worked really well.

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