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Friday, May 3, 2013

Adventures of a C.P.A. (Episode 5)

It was just supposed to be a quick trip. They don't remember anymore why they were out on an errand. They just know what it turned into. The day was beginning to end, and the sun was about to set to a new full moon. John was still back at Nightfall headquarters because he doesn't do well during day trips. Kody noticed the fuel getting low on the suburban, so he pulled into a gas station for a fill-up. It had been a long drive, and the rest of the group saw this as an opportunity to stretch their legs.

Flint needed to pee pretty bad, and went straight for the bathrooms. Kent and Hank went inside to see what snacks fancied them. Kody began to fill the tank when he heard a biker gang pull in. Six heavy bikes with burley, leather clad, bearded men pulled into the station. Kody couldn't help but notice the beads of sweat they were all dripping, and the crazed and panicked look on their faces. He assumed they were meth-heads by their demeanor, then he overheard their conversation:

"Man I miscalculated that trip. I didn't realize there would be so much construction on the freeway."
"It's almost nightfall, what are we gonna do?"
"It's ok, we just gotta find a place to hole up for the night."
"Wait, anyone see Kevin?"
"Shit! Where's Kevin? Fan out, find Kevin!"

Flint was finishing up in the bathroom when a huge biker stormed inside the room. At first glance something seemed off about him. His leathers were barely fit over his body, stretched tight, and his helmet looked like a child's size compared to his head. Then the man started grunting in pain, and got bigger. The jacket and pants began to rip from the strain, and his helmet popped off. Flint backed off and looked looked into the mirror. No reflection. Weirder still while he looked in the mirror, he heard nothing. He glanced back at the changing biker and heard the painful cracking, tearing, and now growling. Then back at the mirror; no reflection still and silence. He would have to ponder that later because he then faced a giant silver haired werewolf. Flint cried out for help.

The other bikers now knew where Kevin was. Two of them rushed in the store toward the yelling. They piled into the door, but the beast held its massive arm out and kept it closed. They began pounding on it; "KEVIN!" Kody reacted to the commotion as well, following the 2 bikers to the door.

Flint quickly pulled out his sticky pad and pen/wand and scribbled down a quick protection spell, then slapped the note on his shirt, but it was too late. The beast had bent down to bite him on the shoulder. Luckily his scrawny frame and response made it only a flesh wound.

Kody was joining the bikers and couldn't get the door open. Seeing a necessity to help his friend, he shifted into his Kodiak bear form. Hank saw this and immediately turned to the attendant behind the counter. "Believe me when I say this, but we are not here to rob you. Is there anyone else working here?"

In a stuttered foreign accent, he said "Hajim is working in the back."

"Good, get down behind the counter and don't come up for anything." The man drops to the floor.

"Wait!" interrupts Hank, "Can I get a quick pick?" A shaking hand reaches up and presses the button on the register, printing the lotto ticket.

Kent, never without a sidearm, pulls it out and rushes to one of the bikers at the door. He pulls the man back and slams him against the wall, demanding an explanation. The man goes from a panicked visage, to a completely straight calm look, and says: "It's a full moon. Crazy things happen during a full moon." In almost an instant the man transformed into a black haired werewolf, as well as the other at the door. It threw Kent off and across the room.

Flint had reeled from the bite, and scrambled under a bathroom stall. He pressed his hands against the stall door and quickly chanted a Matter spell. The stall's material shifted from its cheap graffiti'd painted aluminum, to a solid wall. He felt his chest begin to tighten and the shortness of breath. Instinctively he reached for his inhaler and took a hit.

The bear called Kody was able to pile into the bathroom now that the wolf was distracted. Without skipping a beat he slammed into the giant beast and up against the bathroom wall. Slamming repeatedly the two created a massive hole in the cinder-block wall and rolled outside.

Kent was already back on his feet. He knew he had to get to the suburban because his bag of weapons were in the back, as well as the silver bullets. He had to dodge a few of the other now-werewolves on his way there. Finally getting to the bag, he grabbed his B.A.R. and the clip of silver tipped rounds.

Hank was facing one of the werewolves now, but he noticed it struggling. Almost as if it was trying to control its own actions. Finally instinct got the better of it and lunged at Hank with its claws. A deep gash came in on his chest, knocking him down. Then the creature's head splattered open, and it fell limp. Hank saw the standing figure of Kent, rifle aimed. The body fell to the floor, back in human form. There were more still. Hank teleported himself behind the counter. The attendant was no longer there. He must have run off. Underneath the counter he noticed a shotgun hanging up. He quickly grabbed it and aimed up, ready to shoot the next thing that looked over.

While Flint had calmed down, a wolf's head with yellow eyes peaked under the stall. In a deep growl and in the best audible voice it could muster, it said "Are...you....okay?"

"Uh.." said stunned Flint "Yeah?"


Meanwhile outside the hole of the bathroom, the silver werewolf had made it back on top from the melee with Kody, and it bit into his neck. Blood poured from the wound, but luckily got mostly flank. Kody began smacking back with his giant bear paws. He also saw a new set of black werewolf hands reach around the silver wolf's neck, chocking it. Kody had the presence of mind to see it was trying to get the big one off of him. The large silver werewolf couldn't take the beating much more and fell unconscious. Another black werewolf arrived and joined his peer. Police sirens were heard in the distance. They both shifted into regular wolves, nuzzled the body of the silver werewolf, then ran off into the night distance.

Kent had made quick work of the rest of them, leaving the remaining 3 as corpses in the station. He was changing his clip when he too heard the sirens. He joined Kody, who was human again, as they stood over the body of the silver werewolf. They both looked at each other, having the same thought. They couldn't let a dangerous and out of control creature such as this loose. Two of the others seemed to be able to keep control, but the rest did not. Especially this one. Kent fired a round into its head.

The group was able to quickly get to the suburban and drive off. Except Kody. He took one of the bikes. They rode off before the police arrived. The next day they all saw the report in the paper of a biker gang vandalizing and shootout of a gas station.

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