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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Adventures of a C.P.A. (Episode 3, Part 1)

So I will write of Flint's death.

It started with Hank taking the L-train from work. He noticed aboard the train a small boy riding alone, crying. Hank approached the boy innocently and learned that he is running from home. When inquired why, he claims there is a monster under his bed, and nobody will believe him. At first it seemed to be a likely child's story, but the description raised the hairs on Hank, and inclined him to believe the boy. He presented evidence of hundreds of healing cuts all over his flesh. The sight of that alone would be enough to alarm any decent human being, but on top of that when he said that every night, he felt as though he is being held still, and couldn't scream, blades would cut his skin, then go away.

So Hank took it as a case, and brought the boy to the rest of the team. Upon examination, there is some residual magic surrounding him, but the boy doesn't seem to be aware of it. Kent, our resident police detective, came up with a plan to inspect the boy's home. Kent, John, and Flint went there and met a crying mother. They said that her boy was found, and on behalf of social services they just need to inspect the home and ensure it is safe before returning him. She was cooperative.

While John and Flint went upstairs to check the boy's room, Kent interrogated the mother on what Hank told them. She said a year and a month ago the father left them. No contact with the family. Then about a month ago this started happening. She thought it was anxiety from their father leaving, and that he was doing the cutting himself. She tried taking him to child psychologists, but nobody seemed to be able to do anything about it. She got rid of all knives and blades in the house, but every night when the boy would wake up screaming, she would find some sharp implement near the bed, ones she didn't recognize.

Meanwhile as Flint and John made their way up the stairs, John with his psycho-empathic abilities detected something dark in the home, extremely frightening and angry. Flint only got to the doorway when he tried to detect any magical residue left behind, and saw the house light up with power. The place seemed like a font of magical energy.

Before Flint could steal some for future use, John stopped him and they met with Kent. The mother had given him a drawing the boy did. It was like a collage of different symbols, one they recognized, the symbol of one of the magical scarred houses, House Tremere.

Kent told the mother that she could meet her boy at the precinct. On the way out he arranged for his police friend to hold the mother and boy at the station as long as they could to buy the team some time to really take a look at the home.

The whole group gathered at the home, and things didn't seem normal. All furniture was rearranged. Knives were on the table, all chairs facing the walls. A sense of eerieness clouded the area. They went upstairs to the room and saw all clothing from the closet strewn about the room, then in blood on the wall in the back of the closet were the words "HE'S MINE!" Kody was pretty upset by the whole situation and readied to lay some supernatural beatdown when he flipped over the bed. Under it was a ritualistic circle for a portal. One to a place they could not go or track. Flint readied to lay a hold enchantment around the portal when John went downstairs to get some salt. John found a ghostly vision of a hag appear suddenly and stab him in the chest, then vanish before he could get a couple shots off.

Upon hearing the shots, Kody and Kent went to assist him, leaving Hank and Flint in the bedroom. As Flint finished his initial circle around the portal, he felt a sharp pain in his neck, and found a knife sticking out of it, and bleeding profusely. He collapsed to the floor, gasping for the sounds of a scream he could not get out...

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