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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Facility: 3D Preview

The word is out. A very valuable piece of intelligence leaked on the net about something some people would pay a really high price for. The location they gave was a secret underground facility on this lonely rock. You hop into action and make your way to the world. A long flight due to its remote location and slow currents leading there, but the goal should more than compensate for your trouble. You know this information leaked to everyone so you will not be the only mercenary on the job.

Let’s see how well you fare in the facility.
Just a little mock-up of a game in progress using Tinkercad. Someone had a question of scale of the tiles a while back, and this shows it. The miniatures are 28mm tall. My hope is this conveys a sense of infiltrating an underground installation. I have been working on the rulebook and that always helps put thinks into perspective. What works and what doesn't.
Above is one of the images I will use in the rulebook for attacks. The character (left) rolled 3 dice in attacking the enemy (right) who rolled 5 dice in his defense. Since with attacks only the target symbol counts for hits, the attacker won the roll, and deals 1 damage (3-2=1).

Speaking of which, here are a couple new figures Jarom drew and I tried making models of.
I started experimenting with texturing the bases or at least giving them a few features. These are enemy figures. Scientists, security, and staff you encounter in the Facility.


  1. This is equal parts intriguing and awesome. Looking forward to see what else you've got cooking.

    1. Thanks Mik. When i get my printer near the end of 2013, my plan is to print off some copies and send to some volunteers for free for play-testing and feedback.