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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rogue Transmission News: MECHS Article

 Just letting you all know that the next issue of Rogue Transmissions will be featuring a big article of Rogue Space - MECHS. It will essentially be an extended rulebook reprint. Everything in the article will be taking precedence over what is printed in the original 8 page booklet. What will be included?
  • All rules in the original rulebook
  • Some errata
  • Plenty of examples, rule clarifications, and a couple mech builds
  • New weapons, gear, upgrades, and defects
  • New rules
  • And a few more pieces of art by Jarom
I am really excited for you all to see it, as MECHS has been a passionate labor of love. I finished my little campaign with my brothers and sisters and that allowed me to get the playtesting I needed to flesh this out a little more. For space purposes I had to leave out the section "Referee Help". That is planned to be its own article in the next Rogue Transmissions as there is a lot of material I want to cover there. More insight and tips on running a MECHS campaign, and how to easily manage combat with your players and NPCs.

Here is a small preview of a new rule featured in the Rogue Transmissions #2 article:
Forward Observing
Any mech may act as a forward observer to heavy weapons. The forward observer makes a Medium range attack on its target, but deals no damage. An allied mech, using a Cannon or Missiles, may roll damage on the target at the start of its turn if the forward observer’s attack succeeded and it is within the weapon’s range. This way the mech with the heavy weapons does not need line of sight to the target of the forward observer.
EXAMPLE: Jarris is acting as forward observer for Flint’s Cannon. Flint is back behind a building and can’t see the target. Jarris makes a Medium range attack on the target and succeeds. At the start of Flint’s next turn, he rolls his Cannon damage on the target.


  1. I'm looking forward to this - with a help section in #3 as well it's going to be a very complete system. That's smooth new rule too.

  2. The awesome of this article is truly EPIC!! I am pushing off some of my own stuff to make room for all of its mechanzied glory!

  3. Thankyou guys. I'm really confident in the end product. Again I plan on being a regular in Rogue Transmissions with MECHS naterial.