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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rogue Space - MECHS: Closer than you think!

MECH: S.H.I. Kuratas KR01
BP: 15
T(+1) M(-2) P(-1)
Head: Light   HP(2)
   Advanced Targeter
Left Arm: Light   HP(3)
   Light Gun
Torso: Medium   HP(6)
Right Arm: Light   HP(3)
Legs: Heavy   HP(12)
Upgrades/Defects: Four-Legged, Lumbering

This mech is 15 Build points. These things, in real life, cost 1.5 million USD. So that means in this day and age, 1 build point is worth about 100,000 USD. Sounds about right.


  1. Hey MJ that's a great mech build and some damn interesting videos!

    1. What's so interesting about them is they are actually real. This company is making those things and you can buy one for about 1.5 million. I checked into it, it's legit. The project was unveiled at a Japanese toyfair.