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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Angry Miniatures Part 2: Character Creation

The point behind Angry Miniatures is to make a game where you can have a battle between any team of miniatures from any fantasy line. One of the most fun parts of this game is creating your characters, or making the stats for your minis. Try this by reaching into your bucket of minis (if you have one) and pulling out 3 random minis. Now stat them up!

As an example, lets say I pulled this guy. A Dwarf from the DnD miniatures line. (I love Dwarves)
Step 1: Three Primary Stats
You have 9 points to distribute how you want among 3 stats. Mind, Body, and Spirit. These 3 stats directly act as your defenses. There can be no less than 1 point in any stat, and no more than 7.

So you could have a guy be jack of all with 3/3/3, or a guy uber in one and weak in the others with 7/1/1. Beware the later, because you may hit hard and be tough in one defense, but if anyone hits your other defenses you're screwed.

Each stat is referenced to tables and fill in the remaining necessaries on the character sheet.
Again this is preliminary. I will spruce things up later.

Step 2: Table Look-ups
This is the only time in playing this game that you will use tables. I swear.
 Here are the tables. This has been altered slightly a couple times.
  • Your Body score makes your Health.
  • Mind makes the Distance your range/magic attacks reach.
  • Spirit makes your Speed, which is the run speed essentially.
  • Body combined with Spirit makes the Melee attack value.
  • Body combined with Mind makes the Range attack value.
  • And Mind combined with Spirit makes the Magic attack value.
And that is all the table look-ups needed in the game. It's even less though because each character is allowed only 1 attack type. This is to keep things simple and interesting.

A little more on attack types. Again each character is only allowed 1 attack type.
  • Melee obviously can only effect enemies in adjacent squares, but hits hardest of the 3 attacks.
  • Range uses the Distance value to determine its reach. You cannot make a Range attack on an enemy in Melee.
  • Magic also uses the Distance value for reach. It's generally weaker than Range attacks, but has an aoe. Which means the target square you hit, hits all figures adjacent to it. 
Step 3: Perks, Flaws, and Crits
This is a very incomplete list. I need to come up with a lot more to make something for everything.

The idea is you pick a miniature, and choose 1 Perk that looks like it fits the description of your mini. Then choose 1 Flaw. Then choose 1 Crit.

There may be multiple perks that fit the description, but you have to choose 1. Like the one that works best for your mini.

Example Build
Now to build that Dwarf. I look at him and take a very Dwarfy approach to his build (duh).

First the 3 stats.
I go 4 body/2 mind/3 spirit. He's a burly fellow with a resistance to magic, but little agility so may not be as effective defending against arrows.

These 3 stats give him the following:
speed -5
health - 4
melee attack - 7

I didn't calculate distance because I chose for him to be a melee character, therefor no range or magic attacks.

Next in looking at the Perks, i choose 'bearded'. This makes his attack rolls have a slightly smaller chance to crit, but higher chance to hit harder.
With the Flaw I went with 'unweildy armor', making it so he can only move through clear terrain.

Finally the Crit I go with is Commanding, a DnD warlord-like ability that (when the Crit activates) allows a friendly adjacent figure to make a free attack.

And that's it. His character sheet will look something like this.
 Do this 2 other times for 2 other minis, and you have a team ready for battle.

Next part I'll go more into detail on game play.

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