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Friday, April 6, 2012

Mobile Frame Zero

I love Lego. And I love gaming with Lego. Whether it's using decked out minifigs as stand-ins for D&D or whatever, or awesome things like Mechaton.

Mechaton was a game released by Vincent Baker (of Dogs in the Vinyard and Apocalypse World fame) back in 2005. I found out about it in 2009 and was blown away. You create these small mechs out of Lego, and it included rules for them battling it out. The system was rules light and record sheet/stat card free, which was even more approachable. The pieces and parts on your mechs acted as their health. As a mech took damage, parts were broken off in true blood Lego fashion. There were even rules for terrain being made of Lego, and shooting at a mech taking cover could lose some of that cover from a hail of bullets.
Jarom and I over a rules dispute.

Many fun times were had. However the issue was the game was very... hollow. The rulebook was shoddy and poorly written, although the core game itself was what made it great, there was no substance or support. No setting to make things interesting, no real building instructions or helpful parts lists, etc.

Fast forward to today. And this amazing thing happens:

Vincent Baker and his friend get on Kickstarter and re-release the game in a shiny new 2.0. After Vincent receives a polite but firm 'cease and desist' letter from R. Talsorian Games for Mechaton's name being too close to their flagship product: Mekton Zeta, they decide it's time to revamp it and kick it into overdrive, which they did.

Mobile Frame Zero got the support and was funded in no time. They reached their goal and more so this isn't a call out for money. But if you do want a copy of the book, a $10 backing will get you the PDF, and a $20 backing will get you a physical copy. I went $20 because I love being able to hold rulebooks, and not my kindle.
So this game is definitely 2.0. I haven't seen final product yet, but with the teasers they give us it is definitely looking much better.

  • Full color rulebook
  • Many rules fixes and clarification. Seriously, some things in the old rules really had you take shots in the dark
  • New features and rules
  • Full parts lists for some awesomely designed Frames by master Lego builder, Soren
  • And a setting. Which is ok. 2 human factions and an alien faction find reason for war.
So my creative juices are flowing again and the Lego construction begins again.
 And here is what i got so far:
The Spec Team.

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