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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adventures of a C.P.A. (Episode 6, Part 2)

It was nightfall as the group arrived at the place of John's vision. They counted the warehouses which were clearly labeled: Warehouse 5, Warehouse 6, Warehouse 77, Warehouse 8. It was odd. There wasn't enough buildings to count up to 77, but there it lay. When they arrived on location, vehicles were already there.

Kody, with his military training, recognized it as armed men piling out of unmarked vehicles. They had armor and automatic weapons, and worked in unison as though well trained. But there was no indications as to which government body they were from. Several piled into the warehouse, leaving a few on watch outside.

A plan to sneak up to the building and find a way in was quickly made. As the group tried their hand at stealth, unfortunately some were not as adept at it. Flint tripped and made enough noise to alarm the guards. "Witches! In the brush!" Arms fire erupted, from both sides. Kody was able to summon enough shadow cover to get everyone. They were able to take out and explode a few of the vehicles to help.

Once to the side of the warehouse building, Flint used some matter magic to open a hole big enough for others to peek through. Kent provided cover, so John looked inside. He saw a man laughing uproariously and with a wand, flinging magic missiles at the armed men all hiding in cover. The bullets seemed to have no effect on him. He also held with him some sort of glowing orb.

It was apparent that there were 2 sides to this fight, and the group needed to decide which side they were on. Hank had finally arrived from his investigation, then they snuck around to the other side of the warehouse and were able to capture one of the guards and question him, with the help of Kody's intimidating threats. The guard revealed they were a religious organization, The Fists of God. They had intel that within the warehouse were vampires trading slaves.

Kody does not like slavery. He thought that was reason enough for picking sides, but he needed the other story. The group took the guy hostage and went into where the battle was going on, ordering the fists of god to stop the fighting and lower their weapons. Kody confronted the hollow that was invulnerable to guns, and asked if it was true that there were slaves in the crates. "There are no humans here."

The fists of god opened a crate and it revealed a woman standing straight, completely still in a cage, one that looks strikingly similar to Kate. The one that Flint had met last. Kody enraged and turned into a bear. The fight erupted again. The hollow leaped away from the bear's onslought, and 2 other hollow joined in. With a wave of his wand, the cage broke open, and the woman awoke. She walked with no emotion up to Kody and threw him across the room, all 1,200 pounds of him, with little effort.

Hank had teleported up to the hollow, attempting to get a surprise attack, but he was being protected with some sort of field that slowed incoming objects, which kept all bullets from being lethal. Kody was able to get a heavy attack back on the woman, which threw her into the warehouse wall. Kent's gunfire had no effect on the other hollow in the room. They seemed to get shot, then get back up again. Flint went to rescue the woman who seemed momentarily unconscious.

Hank saw the hollow's power with his wand. So he teleported again, grabbed the wand, and teleported away, with the wand in hand. The fight was not looking good. They had to flee this one. Flint had to leave the woman behind. Something about her drew him to her, and he wasn't sure what.

They left the building with haste, and Hank didn't want to keep the wand or it would have become a serious liability to the group. Using some magic, he threw it into the middle of Lake Michigan.

They had left the conflict alive, but it seemed to be just the beginning of something greater. There was a war that was about to go down, and just as was warned to Flint, they needed to pick their side carefully.

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