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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Adventures of a C.P.A. (Episode 6, Part 1)

There was a lot of questions about the history of our companion, John, the hollow. He was of a magical species that only ages during the day, and feeds off of psychic energies. Many of these hollows roam the night and terrorize man. Some find a way of controlling their urges, like John. All that is known of his life is that at one point he did something with his power, something big, and in front of enough normals to cause a paradoxical backlash that nearly brought him to oblivion. He lost his identity and all records, even lost his name. No normal would ever know him for the rest of his life.

That very incident is what brought Kent to the police department evidence locker this day. He was searching for answers, and being the only one with actual police clearance, he could go to the right places. Kent was looking into the fateful night, the last John remembered after his paradoxical backlash. There were records detailing a giant mob war, but a suspicious one. This russian mafia had been a close family, but mysteriously they all killed each other, brutally, thus ending the entire family. The cops could only explain it as a power struggle, but it ended too horribly. There was no record of John there, even though he remembered waking up among the carnage. There wouldn't be, not with the paradox keeping him out of notice. But there was a woman who was shot. The only person shot in the incident, besides John. Everyone else was killed with knives. Kent asked to see the records and studied them. The bullet from the decease woman was what stood out. Kent asked to see it. The very unusual thing about it, was it was made of iron. Nobody carries iron bullets, nobody uses iron bullets. This would be weird, except to the perspective of Kent, who has a few himself, along with silver bullets. What do you use cold iron against? Fey. Fairies and other magical creatures weak to it's properties. Something about it being a manmade material, or unnatural to the natural.

Kent knew he needed the bullet to take back to John, to use some psychometry and find who shot it, or loaded it into the gun. With a little slight of hand, he was able to smuggle it out of evidence.

Back at Nightfall, John was interested in the bullet indeed. By working some of his mind magic, he was immediately entrapped in a vision. He saw a warehouse. Warehouse 77. As his mind-self approached it, he was soon surrounded by corpsified, or skeletal creatures. Ones who captured him, and set him on fire. He woke up screaming like he was on fire. He had to only say Warehouse 77.

The rest of the group decided to go investigate the place. Get some answers. Hank had a different idea. He wanted to do some detective work on his own: the place of the mass killing of the Russian mob family.

While everyone else, John, Flint, Kent, and Kody, piled into the suburban to investigate warehouse 77, Hank took a drive to his.

The building was now condemned. Old police tape still cordoned off the area, and found it locked. It appeared to be a restaurant, or hotel. It was unclear since everything was boarded off. Hank found a small hole in a window he could peak through. He shined his flashlight and lit a clear area in the floor. This would help him teleport inside. He gathered his wits, and concentrated on the power. He felt the familiar flash of him zipping through space, but found his nose smashed against the outside wall. He could only assume some magical barrier prevented teleportation. He looked at the lock and chain barring the door. It too had a magical aura around it, something more powerful than he could manage. He couldn't even break it open physically with his cane.

If he were to get inside, it would need a great deal of effort, but someone didn't want any meddling. Someone didn't want secrets to be found. Hank decided to head over to meet up with the others at warehouse 77.

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