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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wartech Campaign: Experimental Rules (Part 3)

Last post I expounded upon a couple rules that didn't work very well. This week is a couple that we thought fit nicely with the game.

Different Archetypes
In our system we are designing for Wartech, we liked the idea of a few broad character classes. I condensed the list down to moderator, combatant, technician, and operative.
  • Combatant (COM): Career fighter or combat specialist. Characters start with 1d6+6 HP, and +1 Fighting.
  • Moderator (MOD): Leaders or commanders. Characters start with 1d6+3 HP, and +1 Empathy.
  • Operative (OPS): Special agent or freelancer. Characters start with 1d6+4 HP, and +1 Acquiring.
  • Technician (TEK): Technology specialist or science officer. Characters start with 1d6+2 HP, and +1 Scientific or +1 Repairing.
Combatant was essentially a fighter and technicians stayed the same. But we chose to split up the rogue into moderator and operative. We felt there needed to be distinction.

New Character Sheet
Having a unique character sheet helps to get into the feel of a new game, even if it's just an experimental one. The following sheet is a little more detail oriented and I built it to cover more rules for Rogue Space. Like the [+Initiative] and [+Movement] boxes next to the [Hit Points] box. These were to include special rules that gave you a modifier to your initiative and movement for calculating those from your current hit points.

The boxes below the FASER stats are meant for filling in your purchased skills for easy reference during play.

I really enjoy making character sheets. Getting all the pieces to fit.

More to come next week.

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