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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rogue Space - MECHS: Playtest 2

I just had the second playtest of the Rogue Space MECHS rules, and it went awesome. My 2 brothers and sister had a fun time playing the 2nd part of the mini campaign. (First playtest here)

What's even better is this pretty much fleshed everything out and the game is ready for release.

One thing I had to realize with this is it works best when you are doing a MECHS game, as in your players can face mechs as long as they are in mechs. Things can scale from infantry scale to mech scale, and i do include rules for that though. Also this time i played on a square grid map during the main battle. Last time we used a hex map like those from Battletech, but they both played the same, so there really is not preference to which type of map you play on.

So everyone had fun, i am more confident in my results, and my younger 12 year old sister watched us play while she was over babysitting and wanted to play herself. So at the end of the adventure, the others enthusiastically helped her make a character and mech. It was a good feeling watching my brothers get excited about building a mech for her.

I was originally planning this mini-campaign to only be the 2 sessions, but now they want to continue and see where it goes. I did leave them on a cliffhanger. After the full campaign is done, i will release the campaign module. Jarom is even doing some illustrations for it. Highlighting moments from the game.

Anyway, tomorrow, July 4th will mark 2 special occasions:




  1. Happy birthday MJ! Can't wait to see your final mech rules and I will make sure to give you a shout on the RS site when you post it!

  2. Happy birthday! I'm also looking forward to it and I'll certainly help spread the word too.