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Friday, April 12, 2013

Serro's Ship Log

Entry 225

From what I could understand, the battle was still going on in orbit. Now we had to just worry about this ship above the palace. Once again the captains convened. We decided the best route was to sneak into the ship.
Primeus Regulars

Using a risky maneuver, we were able to hide our ship at the edge of the stormy atmosphere of the world, and drop pods into the topside. We couldn't get underneath where the armor was weakest because all ship guns were pointing down and ready.

Our little invasion force was able to burrow in, thanks to our boarding pods, and take out some of the security when we got there. They didn't expect us coming. But of course, fighting off the guards raised an alarm. I was able to get into the system in time and bluff security that there was indeed a hull break and intruders, but it was happening clear on the other side of the ship. I figured a lie with partial truth would have gone better than a full fledged lie. It seemed to buy us some time.

We fought our way to the bridge, only to find it empty and completely locked down. Gra' was kicking himself for not remembering that. His career specialized in ship boarding, and larger capital ships generally had secondary bridges where all personnel would go to during a boarding. This would help to foil any attempts to taking over the ship.

I had to do some digging amongst the fight to find where that was, as security had caught on to my ruse from earlier. I found it in a sequestered area. One in which we couldn't all get to easily. Luckily I was able to find some venting and pipes that Jin'kins could squeeze into. He was trained for this sort of infiltration. While we were making our stand inside the deactivated main bridge. I guided Jin'kins through the complicated venting system in getting to the panic bridge.

We found that someone has been tracking me down. It was Honek, that hezak merc and his gang, and heavily armed. He seemed to be more anxious in getting to me, but Gra' and our battlebred friends were able to hold him off. Jin'kins was able to work his way inside, and took out the ship captain, a burly Primeus fairin with an ancient sidearm he used initially. But Jin'kins skill in close quarters were unmatched. He held the rest of the crew at gunpoint and commanded them to reactivate the main bridge.
Battlebred Shocktrooper

Once the bridge was lighting up all around me, I got the word out to the rest of the fleet that we had successfully taken over the ship, and Gra' was able to finish off the mercs that had been dogging us this entire adventure.

So now that closes the chapter. We had gotten commendations and considerable pay for our work, and it seems Melthos now had complete control over the trade world. It could grow now, and get stronger, as it needed to be.

Gra' Jin'kins, and I were offered permanent employ under Melthos and charge of trading on Krutos, but I declined. I didn't want to be tied to a single nation. I liked my freedom. I wasn't going to give that up.

The End

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