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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adventures of a C.P.A. (Episode 4, Part 1)

There was a new traveling exhibit in town. One of those that take up a local museum's space and shows off its collection for a few weeks, then moves on. This one was an exhibit of a master sculptor and artists who is known to do incredibly realistic and lifelike copies of pieces seen around the world and originals.

Because of its high profile, the museum would often temporarily hire extra security from locals for its duration here. Of this Kent was able to find work. The homunculus had a knack for protecting things, so it was not hard for him to get in. Over the first couple nights, he would tell the others what an incredible collection it is. Then one night, John noticed he did not come back from his shift. They could not get a hold of him. John had the sense that something was up, so he called the group together to see if they can find his whereabouts.

After purchasing tickets, which were not cheap, a difficult feat that took some money stretching by Flint. Nightfall LLC wasn't doing so well financially, so they have to really watch where the money goes. Trying not to lose one of your members seemed like a worthy cause, however.

It was during the day so John couldn't accompany, but Hank, Kody, and Flint did go. Once inside they too noticed what Kent was going on about. It was quite an impressive collection, and the statues were extremely lifelike. Almost too lifelike. In fact, what got everyone concerned was a new piece labeled "Guardian" and it looked exactly like Kent. A Kent in an alarmed pose, reaching for his sidearm.

The group wanted to work some magic on it and take a closer look, but people were everywhere, and security was tight. They needed a distraction. Kody already knew what he had to do.

In the museum, naturally there was a natural history/wildlife wing. Kody made his way there, found the display of the bears, and shapeshifted to one himself. Suddenly screams were heard that escalated, as people came running "There's a bear loose!" The security all heard the call, and rushed to that area. Hank, being the improv man himself, took the role of curator and announced a minor security breach, and escorted people out of the room, leaving him and Flint alone. Flint immediately tried to read what was holding Kent in a spell, if that was even Kent at all, but got nowhere. Time was running out.

Meanwhile, Kody was dealing with incompetent trigger happy security guards who were recklessly endangering everyone while trying to deal with a bear. He was able to get into a ladies bathroom, and shapeshift to his human form. Having taken a shot while in bear form, he was bleeding. When he exited the ladies room, the guards caught up, and he pointed which direction the bear went. They followed the prompting. Hank arrived to help his wounded companion.

The situation got intense enough that everyone was leaving the museum. Flint was able to subtly inscribe a Correspondence spell behind a curtain on a wall to make it easier for breaking in the museum later. The three got out with the rest of the crowd.

There was more than meets the eye about that place. And the group was determined to see what it was, especially if it could lead to getting their friend back.

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