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Friday, April 5, 2013

Serro's Ship Log

Entry 224

Getting to the transport control hub wasn't going to be something we could sneak to. We took the Streetripper and punched our way through the missile pods on our way there, mainly with backup from Melthos fighters shooting missiles behind us. The Streetripper is of cardoon make, so Gra' drove it, and he was able to do so quite well.
Primeus Militia

We arrived at the transport control hub and rode a hovercraft to the top floor. That would be where I would need to jack in to take it over, but the place was well defended.

Primeus Drone MC
We found a guard of heavily armed units and CAFs waiting for us. We had some casualties, but was able to finish the job when I found a crate filled with a large combat drone that I hacked to work for us. The final obstacle was a Heavy CAF that we got by having my combat drone grapple it and fall off the ledge. We had conquered the transport hub, and things were looking our way.

But outside something else incredible was happening. The storms that normally dominated the atmosphere got even more chaotic and lower to the ground as though a massive ball of fire was descending from the sky. Much to our amazement it was a Primeus capital ship, the Zodius, burning up from reentry. It would seem that the ship was crashing from the battle that was taking place in orbit, but the vessel slowed and the the sheer force of the anti-grav generators smashed all the windows in all the buildings for miles. It hovered directly overtop the planetary ruler's palace and opened up with all of its guns, blasting a mote surrounding it. The ship was creating an impossible obstacle to protect the family from instrusion and takeover. Smart move too, the next goal of our invasion force was to capture the family.
View of the Zodius from the Hub
Zodius creates a mote around the palace

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